2023 was a crazy year for MOCA System. We have achieved a lot and we can’t help but reflect on our incredible journey so far. A full year of milestones, innovations, events, partnerships, and more, and we’re thrilled to share some highlights with you.

The means to connect every door to the cloud with the launch of Airfob Space 2.0

We successfully launched our flagship Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) product, Airfob Space 2.0, at the beginning of 2023. Our goal for Airfob Space is nothing short of a moonshot… in the Access Control industry at least. The first of its kind, Airfob Space is built around the promise of connecting all of your doors to cloud services and opening those doors with flexible, secure mobile credentials. Ultimately, we will transform the way people access the spaces where we work, play, and live.

Since our launch, we’ve kept hard at work on improvements. Read all about our progress and our (future) plans for Airfob Space on LinkedIn. 😉

The growing presence of MOCA at industry events

MOCA is based in Korea, but we’re constantly on the move, meeting our customers and partners around the world.

Here are some of the places you may have met us in 2023:

Our travel schedule is no less busy in 2024. Our first event is Intersec Dubai 2024 in just a few weeks.

Airfob’s global expansion through its partners network

Our global growth wouldn’t be possible without our amazing partners around the world. Airfob Space is now available on 5 continents. Make sure to check out our partners on our website to find a local expert who can help you get started with Airfob Space.

Airfob Space is now available in:

  • Australia
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • The Middle East
  • North America

Exploring a world of possibilities with Airfob’s integration

Airfob Space’s focus might be access control, but it can do much more than just open doors. In the past year, we took the first steps towards integrating Airfob Space with all kinds of devices and services.

WATT – Solving the greatest challenge of delivery robots

One of the biggest challenges for indoor delivery robots is opening secure doors. However, WATT and Airfob Space have collaborated to create secure indoor robot delivery, so you don’t have to worry if you need to be present when your package gets delivered.

FASTFIVE – Expending co-working spaces business models

FASTFIVE is the NO.1 coworking space in Korea, boasting over 43 branches and 30,000 members. Managing access control with traditional physical key cards became increasingly difficult, requiring dedicated staff at every location. To solve this issue, FASTFIVE trusted MOCA with Airfob Space for its access control, improving the user experience for both staff and members with mobile credentials.

S&I – Reinventing access control with an integrated workplace experience

The collaboration with S&I corporation will provide Airfob Space in their new Space Management app ‘SANDI’. Integrating MOCA’s access control solution with their employee identification system will allow SANDI to reach their to deliver advanced services to their stakeholders.

Hanhwa Vision – Access control at the center of integrated apartment management

The latest trend in luxury living is mobile access to apartments, community facilities, entrances, and parking. Hanhwa Vision and Airfob Space’s collaboration is the efficient solution that is leading the way.

Mamikos – Testing the scaling capabilities of Airfob Space

We partnered up with Mamikos, Indonesia’s largest kost rental and management platform, to bring Airfob Space to their doors as well. In collaboration with Mamikos, we launched MamiKey for its kosts – long-term accommodation commonly found in Indonesia. With Mamikey, tenants can securely access their rooms with ease and kost owners can manage their property with a few swipes.

Raonark and BSI – Enhancing digital door locks with mobile credentials

Our engineering team is currently working on integrating Airfob Space with door locks from Raonark and BSI. This is just the first step in our ongoing efforts to integrate more door locks in the future.

As of now, almost a thousand Raonark door locks, which have been enhanced by Airfob Space, have been installed at a research university in Korea. This marks the successful integration of Airfob Space with door locks, resulting in locks that are more advanced and secure. This is just the beginning, and we can’t wait to unlock more doors for you!

Grand Hyatt – Building an elegant and seamless membership experience

Grand Hyatt Seoul is a luxurious five-star hotel at Namsan. The hotel has a private health club that provides exclusive services for its members. However, misplaced access cards by guests can cause delays and disrupt the seamless luxury experience. To solve this problem, Grand Hyatt implemented a swift and sophisticated solution called Airfob Space. This solution allows guests to use their mobile phones as their access cards, making it more convenient for guests to access the health club. The implementation of Airfob Space has elevated the club’s access control to match the hotel’s standards, and now guests can enjoy the convenience of mobile credential access, harmonizing with the opulent atmosphere of Grand Hyatt Seoul.

Airfob’s airtight achievement with ISO 27001

MOCA achieved another milestone with ISO27001, proving that your data is safe with us.

The ISO 27001 standard governs MOCA System’s adherence to 114 detailed standards across 14 key areas of information security management.

MOCA internal team – thanks to the team for making it happen

We are talking about all the achievements we have reached as MOCA so far, but this all would have not happened without our amazing MOCA Team.

That’s why we organized teambuilding activities that go beyond the confines of our daily tasks to bring the MOCA team closer. From the warmth of our company dinners, where laughter and camaraderie fill the air, to the invigorating Team Building Day that brings together employees from different departments, these events are more than just moments. These happenings allowed us to connect, creating a strong bond between the employees.

The launch of MOCAKEY to serve the Korean apartment market

This year, MOCA System did not only launch Airfob Space, but also MOCAKEY. MOCAKEY is our local mobile credential residential solution targeted toward local Korean audiences, especially apartment residents.

With MOCAKEY, residents can securely access the building and their own apartments with mobile credentials. Facility managers can control everything at a glance.

Case: Sinchon Prugio

Sinchon Prugio is a luxurious apartment complex in Seoul, consisting of 940 units and great amenities. To enhance accessibility, the management collaborated with MOCA System to install Airfob Patches onto their existing intercoms. This innovative solution now enables residents and their guests to access the building and facilities using the MOCAKEY app – the local commercial access control system. This partnership simplifies the process of building access and guest registration, making it more convenient for everyone.

The year 2023 was marked by a series of thrilling events, carrying within it the promise of new opportunities and fresh starts. As we reflect on the progress made during the past year, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of 2024, curious to see what it has in store for MOCA System.