Revolutionizing robot delivery services with cloud-based access control.

WATT is developing a robot delivery solution for buildings that solves logistics challenges such as package and food transportation within the building using robots. WATT’s robot solution consists of James, an inter-floor delivery robot, and W-Station, a robot delivery locker, enabling efficient delivery of goods within the building without the need for additional infrastructure.

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WATT, a leading provider of indoor delivery robots, faced a significant challenge in ensuring seamless access to secured areas in buildings. While the company had successfully tackled complexities in robot design, including vision AI, path planning, and control algorithms, accessing security doors remained a major hurdle.

Traditional access methods, such as tapping security cards, were impractical even for robots equipped with robotic arms.


By leveraging Airfob’s cloud-based access control technology, WATT’s delivery robots can now open doors seamlessly using encrypted Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals.

This innovative approach allows robots to communicate with Airfob readers installed in buildings, granting them access at precisely the right moment without the need for physical interaction.


Timely door access through encrypted BLE signal to the reader.

Instant hardware upgrade for existing infrastructures with Airfob Patch.

Automated integration process using Airfob Engine API & SDK.

Access control

WATT’s delivery robots leverage Airfob’s cloud-based access control to pass through secured doors, ensuring smooth delivery operations.

Delivery Experience

By seamlessly accessing secured areas, WATT’s robots enhance the delivery experience by ensuring faster and more efficient service.

Enhanced Security

Integration with Airfob’s access control system enhances security by limiting the need for human intervention and reducing the risk of unauthorized access.


Looking ahead, WATT aims to expand its delivery robot services to new markets and industries. By leveraging Airfob’s technology, WATT envisions further enhancing its delivery operations by offering a seamless and secure delivery experience to customers worldwide. Additionally, WATT plans to explore new opportunities for integrating its delivery robots with emerging technologies, further optimizing delivery processes and enhancing overall efficiency.

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