Manage access from anywhere.

Admins can now effortlessly manage doors and users from anywhere with the intuitive Airfob Pro web portal and mobile app.


All your spaces, at a glance.

The dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of everyday activities, allowing you to track multiple data points at a glance and promptly identify potential anomalies.

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Today's Attendance

Track engagement by visualizing the percentage of people who have accessed areas of your site down to the hour.

Active Users and Devices

Monitor real-time activity with insights into the current number of activated users and devices across your sites.

Recent Actions

Stay informed about portal access with highlighted updates on recent account logins by Airfob Pro Admins.


Seamless Mobile Credential Management.

Effortlessly issue and manage mobile credentials in the Airfob Pro web portal, streamlining the access control process with customizable, branded templates.


Admins can efficiently add users, assign unique mobile or RFID IDs, and tailor access levels, floor specifications, and validity periods, ensuring personalized and secure access control.

User Groups

Simplify access control by creating and managing user groups, optimizing organization-wide security with streamlined administration.


Mobile access with a touch of your brand.

Effortlessly issue and manage mobile credentials in the Airfob Pro web portal, streamlining the access control process with customizable, branded templates.


App-free access.

One study shows that around 40% of us find it extremely frustrating to be forced to download an app for a one-time transaction. Recognizing this, we are introducing two new app-free credentials for Airfob Space, QR Pass and Link Pass.

QR Pass

QR codes have emerged as a popular choice for seamless access control in various settings. With QR Pass, administrators can issue instant, dynamic QR codes to visitors, enabling them to access designated areas equipped with QR codes readers swiftly and securely.
QR Pass

Link Pass

Link Pass expands the accessibility of Airfob’s access control system by enabling administrators to send access links to external visitors. These links grant temporary access to designated entry points, providing a convenient and user-friendly access solution.TAP ME
Link Pass

Tailoring access levels down to each door.

Efficiently manage a diverse range of devices in the Airfob Pro web portal, seamlessly registering and configuring Airfob’s hardware or partner devices for a unified access control system.


Register and customize individual devices, tailoring unlock methods and Time & Attendance settings to meet specific security and operational requirements.

Device Groups

Organize devices by creating groups and subgroups, ensuring convenience in managing access control across different spaces and environments.


Lift up your access control game.

Effortlessly manage doors and elevators through Airfob Pro’s centralized hub, tailoring every detail to elevate security, convenience, and user experience.


Register individual doors, customize entry and exit devices, and set up specific configurations, providing a tailored access control solution for each entry point.


Easily register elevators and associated devices, configuring access permissions by floor to ensure a secure and streamlined vertical transportation experience for users.


Keep your access control strategy on schedule.

Airfob’s Access Management empowers you to tailor access control with precision. Define access based on work schedules, company holidays, and specific floor levels, creating nuanced permissions through customizable access levels. Whether restricting or enabling access to certain spaces, Airfob offers a flexible and robust solution that adapts to your unique needs.

Schedules & Holidays

Access Levels

Floor Levels


All your spaces, in the palm on your hand.

Access the full suite of Airfob Pro web portal features seamlessly on the go through the Airfob Pro mobile app, ensuring unparalleled flexibility and control.

Download the Airfob Pro App.

Get the latest version on the Airfob Pro App.


Ensure accountability.

Experience unparalleled control and visibility with Airfob Pro monitoring. Ensure accountability by tracking detailed entry and exit logs, as well as time and attendance records.

Event Logs

See who has been in certain areas at certain times and track engagement among employees.

Audit Logs

Keep administrators accountable and your company compliant with unlimited audit logs.

Door Status

See what doors are opened, closed, locked, and unlocked at a glance. Get notifications for important security events.


CCTV and access control integration.

Airfob’s new Video Management System (VMS) is a door-centric surveillance feature designed to manage, record, and play back video streams from multiple IP cameras.


More than securing doors, unlock unlimited business potential.

Airfob Space topples the conventional boundaries of security and transforms mobile credentials into a cutting-edge operating system for your spaces. With physical access control truly built to scale, unlock a world of business innovations for the places you live and work.


Tap into the power of the Airfob Engine.

The Airfob Engine API and SDK connects your physical space to the software apps that power your business. Effortlessly integrate Airfob and unlock the full potential of an interconnected ecosystem.

Time & Attendance


Workplace Experience

Hospitality Management

Meeting Room Booking

Space Utilization


and more…

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