X-Station 2

Suprema’s most popular intelligent terminal with native support for Airfob Space, including T&A functions.


Designed to work specifically with our secure, convenient Airfob Space Mobile Credentials.

RFID Compatible

Want to use 13.57 Mhz or 125 kHz RFID cards? Airfob Edge Reader Ultimate gives you the option.

Cloud Based Management

Control readers from Airfob Pro. Complete access management from anywhere.


Save installation time and cost by connecting to the network and power with a single ethernet cable.


Excellent water resistance for use even in harsh outdoor environments.


Built for your busy environment. Protected against up to 5 joules of impact.


Connect every door to the cloud.

World's Easiest Installation

Connect our readers to the power and the network. Register them with the Airfob Pro app, and you’re ready to go! No homerun wiring needed.

No Door Controllers Needed

We’ve eliminated the need for door controllers. Our readers act as controllers as well, verifying credentials and commanding doors to open. This not only simplifies installation but also reduces up-front costs for customers and eliminates limits on scalability.

Made in Korea

All of our readers are made in a state-of-the-art factory in Korea. Yes, it costs a bit more, but the result is a device that works straight out of the box and is proven to last for years.

Say Goodbye to Patch Tuesdays

Like many cloud-based solutions, we’ve completely done away with any need for on-site servers. There’s no software for your customers to maintain, and they always get the latest version, automatically.


Find your local Airfob expert.

We’re proud to work with some of the leading authorities in access control around the world. Get in touch with the closest Airfob specialist.

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