Rock-solid durability, cloud-soaring agility.

Airfob hardware combines outstanding reliability, great looks, and the world’s easiest installation. Our readers just need power and a network connection. Our patches… they just need tape.


users worldwide


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doors opened with Airfob Space

Airfob Edge Reader

Out of the box and connected to the Airfob Space cloud in minutes. Minimal wiring. No on-site servers needed. Use our secure mobile credentials and a variety of encrypted RFID cards.

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Airfob Edge Reader Ultimate

This compact yet powerful Airfob Space compatible outdoor reader is easy to set up and use and includes all the extras you’ll need, including IP67 water resistance and Power Over Ethernet.

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Airfob Tag

Instantly and affordably upgrade your existing Mifare-compatible digital door locks for cloud-based mobile credentials. The Airfob Tag attaches easily to battery-powered door locks used in both residential and commercial settings.

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Airfob Patch

Instantly and affordably upgrade all your existing access control readers for cloud-based mobile credentials. The Airfob Patch attaches to 13.56 MHz readers and uses energy harvesting to wirelessly draw its power.

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Suprema X-Station 2

Suprema’s most popular intelligent terminal with native support for Airfob Space, including T&A functions.

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Wireless Door Locks

Airfob Space is the only access control solution that allows you to manage wired access readers and battery-powered door locks from the same dashboard and with a single database.

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100% cloud approach.

Experience the future of access control with Airfob’s 100% cloud approach. Say goodbye to traditional constraints.

NO on-premise servers

NO long RS-485 cables

NO overpriced hardware

NO expensive up-front software license fees

NO additional controllers

and more…


Our readers, your brand.

Transform our readers into an extension of your brand. Make a lasting impression on users as they interact with your branded access points, merging cutting-edge technology with a personalized touch. Create a cohesive experience that seamlessly integrates security with style.

Discover award-winning innovation Airfob Patch.

It’s this type of continual innovation and drive to succeed that advances the security industry and which contributes to the safety and security of our world. — Don Erickson, CEO of SIA

Airfob's smart hardware secrets.

Airfob ensures your access control is fortified with state-of-the-art technology for ultimate protection and transparency.

Encrypted Communication

Every connection is secured with a new one-time encryption key, similar to a one-time-pass (OTP), which terminates immediately after each data transfer.

Tamper Detection

Airfob uses a standalone tamper alerts to notify building managers and/or security personnel of any attempted tampering with readers.

Fail-secure, by design

In case of a temporary connection interruption on-site, the use of mobile credentials allows authentication even without the reader being connected to the internet.

Audit Trail

Maintain detailed records of access events, providing visibility into who entered when and where. Keep logs of visitor entries and exits to ensure transparency and security.


Future-proof and scalable,
by design.

Airfob Space is purposefully designed with scalability at its core, with mobile credentials and a cloud-first design. 

Instant Upgrade

Instantly elevate existing systems with Airfob Patch and Airfob Tag, without the need for an overhaul. Upgrade digital locks effortlessly, preserving the legacy while embracing the future of access control.

Low Maintenance

Get the latest features and security updates without having to maintain on-premise servers and software yourself.

Easy Installation

Just connect our readers to the lock and an ethernet connection. Airfob Readers’ user-friendly setup ensures a seamless integration of our advanced technology with your existing infrastructure, making installation a breeze.

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