Unlocking new business models for coworking spaces with mobile access control.

FASTFIVE is the largest, most advanced shared office provider in Korea with more than 30,000 members across nearly 60 branches. The company is also rapidly expanding its business in customized office design, shared living spaces, and daycare services.

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Traditionally, issuing RFID cards to members required dedicated staff at the front desk, leading to increased labor costs and limited operational efficiency. Moreover, disparate credential systems across locations hindered member access and data management.

Additionally, providing exclusive member services such as room bookings, amenities access, and personalized experiences posed logistical challenges without a centralized solution.


Partnering with Airfob, FASTFIVE implemented a comprehensive solution to address their challenges effectively. By replacing RFID cards with mobile credentials, FASTFIVE simplified access control and reduced the need for on-site staff. 

Leveraging Airfob’s Edge Reader and Patch solutions, FASTFIVE seamlessly integrated their existing infrastructure with cloud-based technology, enabling centralized credential management and real-time access monitoring.


Easily upgraded office space with Airfob’s custom branded hardware solutions.

Unified digital ID with Airfob Space mobile credentials across locations.

Expended business model with unified membership & visitor management, room booking, T&A,...

Access control

Members can now access various facilities across all FASTFIVE locations, including front doors, elevators, and meeting rooms, using their smartphones. Automated time and attendance tracking enables efficient occupancy management and subscription billing.

Workplace Experience

Airfob’s cloud solution enhances the workplace experience by allowing members to access shared office amenities seamlessly through their smartphones, based on their subscription plans.


The introduction of FIVESPOT—a member-only lounge equipped with work desks, meeting rooms, internet access, dual monitors, smart lockers, and complimentary beverages—offers enhanced amenities and convenience to FASTFIVE members, all with a single membership.

Looking ahead, FASTFIVE continues to expand its branches across Korea. Now the company is rolling out its “office as a service” product for companies that have their own spaces. This includes a beautiful FASTFIVE style refit of the interior, as well as a package of office management and security tools, all integrated with Airfob Space.

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