Unifying workplace experience with office access control.

S&I Corp. is a leading provider of information technology system services, specializing in profit management, comprehensive construction management, and business operation management for enterprises. With a focus on maintaining smooth workflows, S&I Corp. launched the industry’s first remote building management solution in 2014, pioneering innovations such as AI CCTV, Hi Pineapple, and cleaning robots.

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S&I Corp. faced many challenges with managing employee IDs, visitor passes, and workplace amenities, which relied on RF cards and printed IDs. This complexity made it difficult for building management solution providers to manage these aspects remotely.

Additionally, upgrading existing office access control infrastructure was crucial to enable offline devices to connect to SANDI’s cloud building management platform.


To address these challenges, S&I Corp. integrated Airfob’s access control system with its own employee ID solution and visitor pass within the SANDI workplace experience app.

By leveraging Airfob Patch, S&I Corp. seamlessly connected access control and office devices to the cloud, ensuring compatibility with the SANDI employee ID mobile credential.


Airfob Patch removed the need to replace existing access control systems, streamlining the upgrade process.

The unified access control system enhances security by allowing instant updates in roles and access privileges.

The integration of access control with employee IDs and visitor passes in the SANDI workplace experience app offers increased convenience for employees and guests.

Access control

Integrated access control with employee IDs enables seamless updates in roles and access privileges, enhancing security and efficiency.

Workplace Experience

Mobile cards provide access to various workplace amenities, including printers, office cafes, and restaurants, improving employee convenience and productivity.

Visitor Management

The use of mobile passes for visitors simplifies the invitation process and eliminates issues with lost or forgotten cards, enhancing the overall visitor experience.


Moving forward, the company remains dedicated to expanding its Airfob-powered ID solution to more buildings, ensuring continued advancements in workplace security and convenience for its customers. As workplace environments become increasingly interconnected, S&I Corp. recognizes the importance of expanding the integration capabilities of its ID solution.

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