Powering residential access control with mobile credentials.

With over 30 years of expertise, Hanwha Vision is a global leader in video surveillance systems, renowned for its cutting-edge optical design, image processing, and cybersecurity technologies. Embracing cloud technology as a core differentiator, Hanwha Vision is committed to delivering innovative services that make life more convenient for residents and streamline management for staff.

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In the realm of residential access control, unifying access across various areas presents a significant challenge. From the parking entrance gate to shared entrances, communal spaces, and individual apartments, the need for securing access is diverse. Traditional methods, such as shared passwords for entrances, are no longer sufficient.

Additionally, outdated IT equipment in apartment complexes poses a costly challenge for replacement.


Hanwha Vision leverages Airfob technology to enhance its one-pass solution for apartments. By integrating digital cards into their offering, Hanwha Vision provides residents with a seamless and secure access experience.
Furthermore, the adoption of Airfob Patch offers an innovative and cost-effective solution for upgrading outdated infrastructure. By simply attaching Airfob Patch to access terminals, Hanwha Vision ensures compatibility with its mobile solution, streamlining access control processes.


Unified entry across all apartment access points through a central intuitive

Instant hardware upgrades for outdated infrastructure, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Hanwha Vision packages Airfob Mobile Cards into its one-pass solution, providing residents with a seamless and branded access experience.

User & Visitor Management

Admins can easily manage tenants access through one portal. Residents can instantly grant access cards to visitors, ensuring seamless and secure keyless entry.

Digital Transformation

Airfob enables Hanwha Vision to update existing offline systems for apartments into innovative and cloud-based solutions, enhancing efficiency and security.

Video Surveillance Integration

With Airfob’s API and SDK, Hanwha Vision seamlessly integrates access control with its video surveillance technology, offering enhanced security and monitoring capabilities.


Looking ahead, Hanwha Vision aims to expand its global presence by leveraging Airfob’s access control solution. By combining Airfob technology with its video surveillance expertise, Hanwha Vision envisions offering comprehensive security solutions to customers worldwide, further advancing safety and convenience in apartment living.

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