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What’s in the eBook?

This eBook is not only for security experts. It’s also for business owners and anyone interested in the future of access control.

Cloud vs traditional access control: what is the difference?

This guide will help you understand the benefits and types of access control solutions available.

How to implement the right cloud access control solution?

From choosing the right mix of access credentials to understanding which features are important, this guide will help you determine what you need.

What are the real-life use cases of cloud access control?

Deep dive into the real world of cloud access control with four case studies curated by the Airfob team.

Table of content

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Part 1. Understanding cloud access control.

What is cloud access control?

Cloud-based physical access control modernizes how we manage and monitor access to physical spaces using cloud technology. But how does it really work?

What are the challenges of traditional access control systems?

Compared to traditional access control systems, are cloud-based access management systems really more scalable, cost-effective to install, and able to streamline management?

Beyond the hardware: Are we even grasping the full potential of cloud access control?

Cloud access control systems aim to reduce reliance on physical access control hardware, paving the way for innovation. But just how much can we actually trim away?

Part 2: Key Components of Cloud Access Management.

From space-centric to user-centric: what is the new paradigm for access control?

How are modern systems prioritizing individual identity over physical location, revolutionizing security practices? Explore the evolution from compartmentalized access to seamless management across various locations, supported by the rise of mobile credentials.

Access credentials: So many choices, which one is best?

How do mobile credentials compare to other options? Choosing the right access credentials is crucial to ensuring both the security and convenience of your spaces.

Are mobile credentials secure?

Are mobile credentials inherently more secure than traditional access methods such as physical keys or PIN codes. Verify if they balance your unique needs for security and convenience.

Access control policies: how cloud-based systems enable a centralized strategy?

How does centralized access management offer a unified framework to define and enforce access rules organization-wide? Unlock the secret to seamless access control management across multiple locations.

Why is access control so powerful at monitoring my spaces in real-time?

How to be proactive about your site security? Explore how cloud access control systems offer administrators an eagle-eye view of access events, empowering them to swiftly detect and respond to potential security breaches. 

How can cloud access control integration unlock new business opportunities?

In the world of access control, the potential for integration is nearly limitless. Discover how this perspective transforms access control from a barrier, a cost, into a tool for unveiling new business models and generating revenue.

Part 3. Implementing Cloud Access Management.

How to get started with cloud access control?

Discover a complete roadmap that outlines the key steps involved in implementing a cloud access management system, from assessing current needs and evaluating solutions to full deployment and ongoing monitoring.

How to select the right cloud access control solution?

With an array of options available, understand the criteria to choose a solution that aligns with your organization’s needs and objectives.

Why is Airfob the world’s most scalable access control solution?

Discover how future-proof access control solutions, like Airfob, offer organizations like yours the assurance that your investment will continue to meet your needs and remain relevant in the face of changing requirements and emerging technologies.

How does an Airfob implementation look in a coworking space?

In a modern facility equipped with Airfob, let’s unveil how every aspect of access and convenience can be seamlessly integrated to enhance user experience and operational efficiency.

Part 4. Case studies: Cloud access control in the wild.

Unlocking new business models for coworking spaces with mobile access control.

By replacing RFID cards with mobile credentials, FASTFIVE simplified access control, reduced the need for on-site staff, and expended their business model with unified membership & visitor management, room booking, T&A, space analytics… 

Revolutionizing robot delivery services with cloud-based access control.

Discover how WATT, a leading provider of indoor delivery robots, faced a significant challenge in ensuring seamless access to secured areas in buildings.

Powering digital transformation for appartement complex with cutting-edge mobile credentials.

Discover how Hanwha Vision leverages Airfob technology to enhance its one-pass solution for apartments. By integrating digital cards into their offering, Hanwha Vision provides residents with a seamless and secure access experience. 

Unifying workplace experience with cloud-based access control.

Check out how S&I Corp. integrated Airfob’s access control system with its own employee ID solution and visitor pass within the SANDI workplace experience app.

A word from our CEO

“Over the years, we’ve witnessed monumental shifts in the way businesses manage and secure their spaces, evolving from siloed systems with on-premise servers to highly-connected cloud-based solutions. As the technology continues to advance, it will not only make spaces more secure and access more convenient, but make possible entirely new business models.

As you embark on this journey with us, I encourage you to proceed with an open mind and a sense of curiosity. The world of access control is vast and dynamic, filled with untapped potential waiting to be explored. Together, let’s seize the opportunities that lie ahead and shape the future of access control for generations to come.”

Andrew Kim, CEO, MOCA System.


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