Wireless Door Locks

Airfob Space is the only access control solution that allows you to manage wired access readers and battery-powered door locks from the same dashboard and with a single database.


Connect every door to the cloud.

One System for all Doors

Manage door locks & wired access readers on the same easy-to-use backend management system.

Tailored Access Rights

Provide seamless and secure entry, allowing authorized individuals to access certain areas. Prevent unauthorized access, ensuring a safe environment.

Cloud-based Platform

Change access rights in real-time to maintain security and integrity. Manage access efficiently across your facilities. 

Wide Selection of Locks

A wide range of locks with diverse looks and features offers functional and aesthetic benefits for securing your property.


Cloud-Connected Locks

Perfect for apartments, coworking, private offices, hotels, and vacation rentals or to secure your lockers.


The NR9C is a modern all-in-one stainless steel door lock elevating your space’s aesthetics.



The R8-ZERO offers fire-rated mortise locks with a separate keypad for added security and convenience.



Introducing the R8zero CY, a cylindrical lock with a latch mechanism for simplified functionality.



The R8 is an all-in-one mortise lock featuring both pin and mobile credentials, made from durable stainless steel.



The R8-DIP has a modern door design, suitable for ANSI or EN mortise locks with flush mount.



The CL102B cabinet lock offers ultimate convenience and security with Bluetooth, key, and touch-to-open features.


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