Last month, Andrew, MOCA’s CEO, and Erik, Head of Global Business, attended the SGPP 2023 (Suprema Global Partner Program). This event was hosted by our parent company Suprema, and was held in Bali, Indonesia.

For the second year in a row, MOCA System attended as a Suprema subsidiary and introduced our services to global partners! From our demo booth to our speeches, here is a quick recap of the event.

Partners from 50 countries around the world gathered in Bali.

The 12th edition of SGPP 2023 was held at the Westin Resort Nusa Dua in Bali, Indonesia, and it came along with the colorful and passionate spirit of the island.

Partners from almost 50 countries attended, including new and long-term Suprema partners. Participants from the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, and Africa gathered to share trends in the security market, security system deployment cases, visions, and growth strategies.

모문모: Opening all doors with MOCA

Last year, we were only able to share some prototypes and our vision for Airfob Space. This year at SGPP 2023, we proudly introduced to our local and global partners a polished product: Airfob Space, the world’s first truly 100% cloud-based access control solution, built to scale.

All MOCA System devices connect seamlessly with our cloud-based Airfob Space solution, which allows you to deploy mobile access security services without on-site servers and complex wiring. The innovativeness of Airfob Space has attracted the attention of many partners in the access security community which reaffirms its potential for further development.

In line with the MOCA System’s core message, 모문모 (Open all doors with MOCA), MOCA mobile access control solutions have been making significant strides in the Korean market and abroad. Now, it is no less than 38,000 doors opened with MOCA’s products. These can be used by humans and robots alike and are found in a variety of areas, including office buildings, apartment lobbies, and personal front doors.

Airfob Space Key Benefits

This year, MOCA Systems also presented a wide range of mobile access control devices. We introduced all-in-one mobile-optimized readers and patchable readers that can be attached to existing readers for immediate adoption, as well as integrations with door locks, new devices such as QR scan readers, and radar readers to meet various situations and needs.

100% Cloud-first, Scalable by Design.

Cloud-based solutions like Airfob Space make it easier for commercial buildings to expand their access control capabilities as they are easily scalable at a low cost.

Airfob Space Engine API and SDK enable clients to harmonize their tech landscape by integrating mobile and cloud-based access controls with their systems and a growing variety of third-party applications. This coincides with the accelerating cloudification of key commercial management systems, with concrete applications such as T&A and building management.

Intuitive Mobile Access Methods

At MOCA, we strive for a mobile lifestyle, which initially led us to place our mobile credentials at the core of our product. But beyond mobile cards, we are about to launch new solutions that allow you to open the door without even downloading the Airfob Space app. Indeed, our engineering team is developing ways for guests to access spaces more naturally, for example by scanning QR codes or clicking on links. We want to make our user experience as simple and convenient, allowing everyone to get where they need to go, without hassle.

Enterprise-grade security, for everyone.

MOCA redefines access control, ensuring unparalleled security and enhancing peace of mind through its robust infrastructure. Our state-of-the-art mobile credentials not only offer a faster and more user-friendly experience than RFID access cards but also set new standards for security.

MOCA x Partners


SGPP 2023 brought together the best minds in the access control industry worldwide. The Airfob Space access security solution is a revolutionary technology that can be easily applied both domestically and internationally.