Is connecting doors to the cloud an obvious move? It seemed like it to me, but my recent experience at Plug and Play’s December Summit in Silicon Valley opened my eyes to the broader possibilities.

Airfob Space is revolutionizing access control by replacing traditional on-premise systems with a more convenient, cloud-based approach. With Airfob Space, everything is managed through intuitive mobile and web applications, seamlessly connecting your physical space to the digital world. Being 100% cloud-hosted and managed, it offers unparalleled ease and flexibility.

At the summit, I had the opportunity to engage with hundreds of of startup founders, innovation managers, and tech sector leaders. While introducing MOCA and Airfob Space, I realized that the concept of cloud-managed access control was known but few people appreciated the full scope of its integration capabilities.

The power of Airfob Space lies in its robust API, enabling connections between physical doors and an endless array of cloud-based applications. Conversations initially focused on expected areas like visitor management, enhancing workplace experiences, managing memberships, and linking access to payments.

However, deeper discussions revealed more innovative applications. Imagine purchasing a gym or co-working space membership on your phone and immediately using that digital credential to access your office or locker. Or consider the potential of connecting your doors to a generative AI like ChatGPT, providing real-time insights into space utilization and user behavior.

 This summit experience reinforced a crucial lesson: Never underestimate the importance of clearly demonstrating your product’s capabilities, even to tech-savvy audiences. For Airfob Space, this means consistently illustrating the connected, efficient future we’re building – in every interaction, every day.

I’m keen to hear your ideas: What innovative applications can you envision for cloud-connected doors like those powered by Airfob Space?

A heartfelt thank you to Plug and Play and the Korea Information Security Association for making these enlightening discussions and revelations possible last week.


About MOCA System

The first 100% cloud-based mobile access control system. Eliminate inconvenient access cards, while creating better experiences for members, guests, and employees.

MOCA System has reinvented access control, elevating it onto the cloud and securely connecting it to the online services we use every day.

MOCA’s Airfob cloud, hardware, and software solutions for commercial access control are already in use at more than 12,000 sites across five continents.

About Plug and Play

Plug and Play is a global innovation platform that connects startups with corporations and investors. Founded in 2006, it operates accelerator programs, offers co-working spaces, and facilitates partnerships to foster innovation and growth in various industries. With a focus on creating meaningful connections, Plug and Play acts as a bridge between emerging startups and established companies, driving collaborative efforts and advancements in technology and business.