MOCA and Hanwha Vision to launch a mobile one-pass for residential and commercial buildings.

From smart parking to one-pass at the shared entrance, the convergence of MOCA System and Hanwha Vision.

According to a survey, in Korea, the number one complaint among residents is “parking problems“, and as a result, various projects have been developed to solve parking problems from large companies to SMEs. Hanwha Vision, a global vision solutions provider, is one of them. Hanwha Vision launched the ‘Mopl’ application that provides convenience, security, and smart parking services for the first time in the Korean apartment market before any other company. Mopl provides a convenient parking experience like never before by connecting residents, management offices, and security offices.

However, the convenient residential experience for residents extends beyond parking to the common entrance, which is where MOCA System was able to extend the convenient experience of Mopl with MOCA Key, a mobile resident ID-based one-pass solution for appartement complex shared entrances.

Hanwha Vision plans to launch Mopl Pass, a cloud-based mobile access control solution that allows residents using Mopl to conveniently and securely access not only the common entrance but also community facilities such as the gym, later this year.

The new Airfob Patch with now, a radar functionality. Simplify keyless entry in apartment building shared entrances.

MOCA key’s APIs and SDKs enable rapid business expansion for Hanwha Vision.

MOCA System developed Airfob, a mobile access control solution for commercial real estate such as offices and coworking spaces, and MOCA Key, a mobile access control solution for residential real estate.

One of the key features is that each provides APIs and SDKs for easy integration into existing and new applications that want to provide a mobile access control experience.

In addition to easy software integration and usability, MOCA System’s hardware solution, the Airfob Patch, can be attached onto apartment lobby intercoms, which are widely used in Korea, to make them compatible with mobile access cards. This helps upgrade antiquated access control infrastructure and replace pin codes, which can easily be shared and exploited, with secure and unique mobile credentials that sits on tenants’ smartphones. Airfob Patch is an innovative product that won the grand prize at the 2020 Security Industry Association.

Already used by Kakao, FastFive, Dreamplus, Hyundai Motor Company, and others in Korea and abroad, MOCA System’s solutions are flexible enough to integrate into existing apps that companies use every day, thus promoting an intuitive one-app experience for users. MOCA System integrates seamlessly with employee applications, time and attendance, coworking space membership, and visitor apps. This integration flexibility is a great way to easily deliver mobile-based access control solutions to users, democratizing its usage into the building management industry.

What does the MOU between MOCA System and Hanwha Vision mean?

Access control for the residential real estate industry, particularly in apartment buildings, presents a complex set of challenges. These large-scale complexes often resemble small villages, requiring sophisticated solutions to manage access to numerous amenities, facilitate unmanned deliveries, and streamline centralized food waste collection. Ensuring a seamless and unified access control experience is essential for resident satisfaction.

MOCA System and Hanwha Vision are advancing the integration of smart parking, security, and apartment lobby one-pass solutions. Leveraging cloud technology, they are merging surveillance, AI, and IoT technologies with Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) to provide efficient security workflows and solutions for management entities, enhancing the convenience for residents.

By integrating CCTV-based video surveillance with MOCA System’s access control technology, these solutions offer round-the-clock risk detection. Residents and visitors can easily issue, revoke, and modify their mobile access cards in real time through a user-friendly web portal and app. This integration simplifies management while maintaining high security standards. Additionally, MOCA System and Hanwha Vision will use their expertise in residential real estate to explore extending these technologies to commercial properties, broadening the scope and impact of their solutions.

Kichul KIM, Head of Strategic Planning at Hanwha Vision (left), and Andrew KIM, CEO of MOCA System (right), signed an MOU on 2024, June 26th.