Traditional vs. cloud access control systems.

What are the challenges of traditional access control system? What can cloud access control systems do differently? What do they bring to the table?

In the ever-evolving landscape of security solutions, access control stands as a cornerstone of safeguarding businesses and their assets. Yet, as technology advances and demands grow, organizations are faced with a pivotal choice: stick with traditional access control systems or embrace the flexibility and innovation of cloud-based solutions. To shine a light today’s latest innovation, we tackle the key points that usually enter into consideration when selecting an access control solution.

The cost of access control.

Usually, most choices boil down to cost. If you are a small business owner, eager to enhance your office security, you are faced with a daunting hurdle: the hefty upfront costs of access management systems. With limited funds and a tight budget, investing in hardware, software licenses, and installation feels like a distant dream. Yet, without robust security measures in place, the risk of unauthorized access looms large. How can you protect your business without breaking the bank?

Challenge: High upfront costs for hardware, software licenses, and installation.

Traditional access control systems often require significant initial investment in hardware components such as card readers, door controllers, and access management software licenses. Additionally, the installation process can be complex and costly, involving wiring, configuration, and integration with existing infrastructure. These upfront expenses can pose a barrier to adoption for organizations with limited budgets or resources.

Solution: Lower upfront costs with no need for on-premise servers or dedicated hardware.

Cloud access management systems replace costly on-premise servers and dedicated hardware with cloud-based technology. Organizations can subscribe to a service instead of buying and managing hardware and software licenses upfront. This subscription model spreads costs over time, making access control more accessible and affordable for businesses of any size.

Installing your access management system.

Put yourself in the shoes of a facility manager tasked with upgrading access control. You’re faced with a tangled mess that seems more daunting than a Rubik’s Cube. Traditional systems demand time, expertise, and resources that you simply can’t spare. But what if there was a way to simplify the process, to untangle the web and make installation a breeze?

Challenge: Complex installation and maintenance requirements.

Traditional access control systems typically involve complex installation and ongoing maintenance, requiring specialized expertise and significant resources. This process includes extensive wiring, hardware setup, software configuration, and troubleshooting, all of which can be time-consuming and expensive, often necessitating dedicated staff or external contractors.

Solution: Simplified installation and minimal maintenance.

Cloud access control systems simplify installation and reduce maintenance demands. These systems feature plug-and-play hardware and user-friendly software interfaces that streamline the setup process. Moreover, since maintenance and software updates are handled remotely by the service provider. This not only cuts down on time and cost but also reduces the expertise required to maintain system efficiency.

Scaling up your access control strategy.

The scale factor usually comes after a while, when you have already tried a few solutions. The initial implementation went well but still, how to go to the next level? Let’s imagine an IT manager tasked with overseeing access control across multiple office locations. With a most system, every change requires navigating complex procedures and potential disruptions. The lack of scalability and flexibility will become a significant headache, hindering the organization’s ability to adapt and grow.

Challenge: Limited scalability and flexibility.

Traditional access management systems often lack the scalability and flexibility required to accommodate growth or adapt to changing security requirements. Adding or removing users, updating access permissions, or integrating new locations and securing new doors can be cumbersome and time-consuming, leading to inefficiencies and operational challenges.

Solution: Centralized management with one single dashboard.

Cloud-based access control systems provide unmatched scalability and flexibility. Administrators can easily add or remove users, update access policies, and manage multiple locations from a centralized dashboard in a web browser or phone app. Adding a new door boils down to simply installing a new reader, not additional hardware required.

The maintenance of access management systems.

For security manager, every moment of downtime feels like a ticking time bomb, threatening to disrupt operations and compromise safety. Yet, most access management systems demand manual updates, leaving you trapped in a cycle of maintenance mayhem and constant anxiety.

Challenge: Time-consuming upgrades and updates, leading to system downtime and disruption to operations.

Traditional access management systems often require manual upgrades and updates, which can be time-consuming and disruptive to operations. From applying software patches to upgrading firmware, the maintenance process can lead to system downtime and impact productivity, especially in mission-critical environments.

Solution: Instant upgrades and updates.

Cloud-based access management systems provide instant upgrades and updates managed by the service provider, ensuring access to the latest features and security patches without downtime. With automatic software updates delivered seamlessly, organizations eliminate the need for manual intervention and minimize system downtime. By keeping systems up-to-date, organizations enhance reliability and protect against emerging threats.

In conclusion, cloud access management systems are more scalable, cost less to install, and make management easier. Would you like to know more about cloud access control solutions? Check out Airfob and download our eBook just below.


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