Smart Co-Living: Keyless entry to 200,000 boarding houses with Airfob.

Embarking on a proptech revolution, Mamikos joins forces with MOCA System to introduce keyless entry to 200,000 boarding houses in Indonesia. In a rental landscape dominated by boarding houses (“kost”) and driven by a tech-savvy youth demographic, Mamikos leverages the widespread use of smartphones to redefine tenant experiences. Navigating challenges in managing access control at scale, Mamikos and MOCA System unveil MAMIKEY, a mobile app replacing traditional keys with smart locks. Within the Indonesia’s unique rental market, the major hurdle is access control management, and it can be addressed by the groundbreaking benefits brought in by Airfob’s keyless access control technology for rental properties. From partnership inception to envisioning the future of smart co-living, Mamikos emerges as a proptech pioneer, reshaping modern living standards in Indonesia.

The Kost – Indonesia’s unique rental landscape.

In the tapestry of Indonesia’s diverse and dynamic real estate market, the concept of “kost” or boarding houses holds a distinctive place. In comparison, the total number of apartment units available is estimated to be less than 2% of the total number of Kost rooms. As the largest proptech company in the country, Mamikos navigates this landscape, with over 3 million listed Kost rooms on its platform, catering to the housing needs of a significant segment of the population.

This housing model is particularly popular among the young demographic, constituting approximately 52% of the Indonesian population. The Indonesian youth seeks affordable and practical housing solutions, and the Kost emerges as a preferred choice due to its cost-effectiveness and community-oriented living.

What also sets the Indonesian rental market apart is the pervasive use of smartphones among its urban population, with approximatively 75% of the country’s urban residents relying on mobile devices for various aspects of daily life, the integration of mobile credential solutions becomes not just a convenience but a natural progression in the tech-savvy landscape.

Physical keys – Challenges in managing access controls at scale.

As Indonesia undergoes urbanization and its cities become hubs of economic activity, the dynamics of urban living evolve. Mamikos, positioned at the forefront of proptech innovation, recognizes the need to adapt to these changing dynamics, providing not just housing but a holistic living experience that aligns with the expectations and lifestyles of its predominantly young tenant base.

However, Mamikos faces a multifaceted challenge that revolves around the conventional method of relying on physical keys. As a result, a growing number of landlords using Mamikos have asked to make handling keys simpler. Physical keys, once a hallmark of access control, have gradually revealed their shortcomings when applied to a vast and diverse portfolio of properties.

  • Security risks of traditional keys: One of the primary challenges stems from the inherent security risks posed by physical keys. In the context of the kost indsutry, where turnover is a regular occurrence, former tenants possessing duplicated keys could potentially exploit them to gain unauthorized access to their previous living spaces. This creates a tangible security vulnerability, jeopardizing the safety and privacy of both current tenants and property owners.
  • Logistical hurdles of physical key management:  As Mamikos operates and enables millions of Kost rooms, the sheer logistics of physically changing and managing traditional keys present formidable challenges. Coordinating key replacements for multiple properties, often spread across different locations and managed by various landlords, becomes a time-consuming and intricate task. Property managers find themselves grappling with the complexities of key distribution, retrieval, and the perpetual need for replacements.
  • Cumbersome processes for landlords: For landlords and property managers, the inefficiencies associated with traditional key management are stark. The process of physically handling and replacing keys introduces an unwelcome layer of complexity to their responsibilities. It demands significant time, effort, and resources that could otherwise be allocated to more strategic aspects of property management. Moreover, the potential risks and costs associated with misplaced or unreturned physical keys further compound the challenges faced by property owners.

MAMIKEY – The best smart access control solution for property rental.

In October 2022, MOCA System and Mamikos signed a MoU with the goal to connect MOCA’s smartphone-based keys technology with Mamikos’ property management platform. The MAMIKEY mobile app was developed as a result.

Its first goal was to replace outdated physical keys with smart locks connected to MOCA’s secure mobile keys and MOCA’s 100% cloud-infrastructure, the Airfob Engine. MAMIKEY’s core competitiveness was to be able to deliver a highly secure yet simple access solution for tenants to enter their Kost without hassle and for Mamikos and landlords to manage tenants’ check-in and out process.

For the equation to be complete, MOCA and Mamikos needed a way to make sure that general digital door lock could be compatible with MAMIKEY. Enters Airfob Tag, MOCA’s RFID emulator capable of turning any digital door lock into a cloud-soaring, mobile-ready solution.

Applied directly onto the digital lock, Airfob Tag offers an affordable solution for instantly upgrading any existing RFID-friendly infrastructure.

The MOCA team met with Mamikos in Indonesia in September 2023 to conduct a real life PoC in one of Mamikos properties.

The property consisted of 15 individual rooms and common 1 front door.

This strategic integration of MOCA’s cutting-edge technology brings forth a multitude of transformative benefits.

Elimination of traditional key hassles and enhanced security.

Mobile credentials redefine the tenant experience by bidding farewell to the inconveniences associated with traditional keys. Once fully implemented, Mamikos tenants no longer grapple with the frustration of lost keys or the logistical challenges of changing keys for each new tenant. This fundamental shift enhances the overall rental process, making it seamless and hassle-free.

The marriage of Mamikos’ commitment to safety and Airfob’s cutting-edge technology builds a foundation of enhanced safety and trust. The elimination of physical keys mitigates security risks associated with key misuse by former tenants. The innovative approach to access management instills trust, fostering a secure environment for both renters and property owners.

Instant tenant access and remote management for property owners.

With MAMIKEY, Mamikos tenants enter a realm of instantaneous and online access. The traditional complexities of obtaining physical keys are replaced by a streamlined online booking system. Tenants can effortlessly secure their mobile credentials online, enabling swift and secure access to their rented spaces. This not only accelerates the onboarding process but also sets a new standard for the efficiency of property access.

Property owners, the backbone of Mamikos’ vast network, reap the benefits of Airfob’s capabilities in remote property management. With a centralized and secure cloud infrastructure, property owners gain the ability to manage apartment access remotely. This not only saves valuable time for property managers but also introduces a layer of convenience that traditional key management systems cannot match.

Tenants’ mobile lifestyle empowerment.

Simply put, MAMIKEY empowers kost tenants to seamlessly access their rooms with their smartphone. This mobile-first approach aligns with the digital expectations of a modern lifestyle, providing a level of convenience that extends beyond the traditional limitations of physical keys, pin code or RFID cards.

Smart co-living – The future of access control with Mamikos.

Through mobile credentials, Mamikos aspires to introduce a myriad of value-added services, transforming its properties into dynamic smart co-living spaces.

Keyless entry becomes the linchpin for managing external visitors efficiently, facilitating smart access for deliveries, cleaning services, laundry, renovations and many more.

Mobile credentials can also bring business models beyond property access and serve a foundation for an all-encompassing neighborhood “One-Pass” for tenants. Indeed, tenants could soon use MAMIKEY to gain access to nearby amenities such as gyms, pools, and communal areas. The mobile credential becomes a multifaceted tool, enabling secure and convenient access to a spectrum of services that enhance the overall lifestyle of Mamikos tenants.

In the envisioned future, integrating all these capabilities into the mobile Mamikos marketplace is around the corner. Tenants, equipped with MAMIKEY, could gain access to a curated marketplace offering said services, but also promotions from nearby shops, cafes, and restaurants. A Mamikos marketplace could become a dynamic hub, fostering convenience and connectivity for Mamikos tenants.

Airfob 100%-cloud approach makes it possible to expand MAMIKEY’s adoption to all MAMIKOS properties. Mobile credentials are built for a convenient mobile lifestyle, but more than that, they are built for scale. However, the limited penetration of smart locks in the Indonesia market, compared to Korea for example, is the greatest barrier to adoption. MOCA always loves a good challenge, so stay tuned to see what we come up with to solve it.

In conclusion, the deployment of mobile keys not only transforms the tenant experience but also positions Mamikos as a proptech pioneer. The forward-thinking integration of keyless entry, external visitor management, tenant lifestyle enhancement, and an integrated marketplace could establish Mamikos as a trailblazer in proptech innovation. The partnership with Airfob emerges as a cornerstone for realizing a future where every Mamikos property becomes a dynamic, tech-enabled living space, redefining the standard for modern living.