MOCA System and WATT break barriers to robot delivery.

MOCA’s CEO Andrew Kim (left) with WATT’s CEO Jaewon Choi (right) at the kick-off for the “Seongnam Co-Bot with GCCEI” project.

For decades movies, cartoons, and sci-fi novels have shown us a world where robots take care of mundane tasks like making deliveries inside office buildings. The expectation failed to live up to reality… Until now!

Secure doors are a real barrier to entry for robots.

The main barrier, it turns out, is that robots have a hard time unlocking and opening doors. That’s why MOCA has partnered with WATT, one of Korea’s pioneers in using robots to make deliveries to participate in the “Seongnam Co-Bot with GCCEI” support project.

This project is all about bringing startups and domestic companies together to make some serious commercial magic happen. The program sponsor, the Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation, operates a startup incubation center in Pangyo, an area that’s home to many of Korea’s most innovative companies.

How Airfob Space opens doors for robots.

MOCA will install Airfob Space, a breathtakingly simple-to-use cloud-based access control solution in the incubation center. This will allow WATT’s delivery robot to autonomously pick up and deliver packages, opening doors using secure electronic credentials.

No cards to handle. No PIN keys to mistype. Just simple electronic communication between a robot and a door, secured by the cloud.

What’s Next for MOCA and WATT?

MOCA System is already a global provider of cloud-based access control solutions, with distribution partners in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. WATT is commercializing a delivery automation system by building a logistics delivery infrastructure that includes autonomous robots. Our four-month trial with WATT kicks off immediately and gives us a testbed to find new ways to break down barriers for innovative robotics solutions.

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