Travel and tech are two of the things that Koreans love most. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce MOCA’s exciting new partnership with Jienem, a leading Korean lifestyle accommodation platform. With Jienem, travelers can access a curated selection of hotels, residences, and experiences around the world. And now, thanks to our innovative digital access technology, Jienem’s already-great experience is about to get even better.

How Airfob Works with Jinem

MOCA and Jienem made their partnership official, signing a memorandum of understanding on March 6, 2023. 

MOCA’s Airfob technology will allow travelers to open any room booked through Jinem’s platform with a single app. That means there’s no need to keep track of hotel card keys. In many cases, guests can receive their digital cards in advance, skip the lobby, and go straight to their rooms. 

MOCA will provide digital cards, backend technology, and hardware. Initially we will use our Airfob Tag to upgrade existing hotel door locks. Airfob Tag is compatible with more than 70% of existing electronic hotel door locks and requires no hardware to install. Soon, we will integrate Airfob technology directly into door locks from third-party manufacturers.

Jinem’s incredible Growth

In addition to Korea, Jienem has properties in Vietnam, with plans to expand to additional countries. Last year alone, the company saw 350% sales growth. 

“Digital transformation in the hospitality industry is inevitable, and at Jienem we are proud to lead the trend by introducing our mobile pass service,” Jinem director Ji-won Hwang said during the MOU signing ceremony. “We will continue to seek out technology partnerships to better serve our customers.” 

More Opportunities for MOCA

MOCA is pursuing additional opportunities in the hospitality industry in the Philippines, Singapore, the Netherlands, and Spain. We’ve already proven ourselves to be a leader in access control and member management in the co-working industry, providing mobile access at FastFive, DreamPlus, MyWorkspace, and Shinhan Square. We are also active in mobile access for offices, gyms, education, and private residences. 

Recently we launched the Airfob Space cloud access solution. It is the first access control system to completely eliminate door controllers and on-premises servers, making it highly scalable, easy to integrate, and more cost-effective than legacy solutions. 

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