How to select the right cloud access control solution?

Imagine you’re a property owner managing a busy coworking space. Every day, you face the challenge of ensuring seamless access for a diverse group of members, visitors, and employees while maintaining top-notch security. You’ve noticed that the traditional RFID cards and PIN codes are becoming cumbersome, with frequent replacements and security concerns. 

You’re ready to explore cloud access control solutions but aren’t sure where to start. How can you ensure that your new system integrates smoothly with your existing infrastructure, enhances security, and provides a user-friendly experience?

To guide you through this critical decision, here are the key questions you should ask yourself when selecting the right cloud access control solution.

Is it easy to use?

A critical aspect of selecting the right cloud access management solution is ensuring ease of use for both end-users and administrators. Look for a solution that provides a great experience for end-users by offering fast onboarding processes that allow them to instantly access credentials. Additionally, prioritize solutions that offer an intuitive interface and a comprehensive web and mobile portal for administrators to efficiently manage access across various locations.

Can I upgrade my existing hardware?

Some cloud-based access control solutions allow you to upgrade existing readers without the need for a full “rip-and-replace”. Small wireless devices like the Airfob Patch (for card readers) or Airfob Tag (for digital door locks) go on top of existing access control devices, without requiring any additional wiring. This approach offers several advantages: it allows for easy proof of concept (PoC) testing to ensure the system meets your expectations, simplifies the upgrade process without the need for a complete overhaul, and enables seamless expansion to a large portfolio of spaces at a cost-effective price point.

Is it easy to install?

Consider the ease of installation when selecting a cloud access management solution. Look for providers that offer plug-and-play hardware devices and straightforward installation processes to minimize disruption to your operations and reduce costs. Prioritize solutions that offer clear documentation and support resources to facilitate smooth installation and deployment across your organization.

Can I customize the look and feel?

The ability to brand hardware and create a customized experience is essential for reflecting your company’s image right from the front door. Choose a solution that offers brandable hardware options, allowing you to showcase your company’s logo and colors on access control devices. Additionally, look for solutions that enable easy creation and management of mobile card templates, allowing you to extend your brand to everyone visiting your spaces while maintaining a unified and professional appearance.

Is the solution flexible yet comprehensive?

When evaluating cloud access management solutions, prioritize flexibility and comprehensiveness in access control management. Seek solutions that offer flexible access control policies, allowing you to tailor permissions and access levels to suit the unique needs of your organization. Additionally, look for solutions that provide comprehensive reporting and audit trail capabilities, enabling you to monitor access activity and identify potential security risks proactively.

Can I connect my software?

Look for a solution that offers robust APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and SDKs (Software Development Kits) that allow seamless integration with existing systems and applications. These tools enable developers to customize and extend the functionality of the access control system, integrating it with other business-critical systems such as HR software, visitor management systems, and building automation systems. By leveraging APIs and SDKs, organizations can create tailored solutions that address specific use cases and enhance operational efficiency.

As you navigate through the decision-making process, Airfob emerges as a standout choice. With its innovative approach, Airfob allows for seamless upgrades to existing hardware, robust integration capabilities, customizable branding options, and a user-friendly interface. It is designed to be flexible yet comprehensive, ensuring that it can meet the unique needs of your organization while providing an easy installation and management experience. By choosing Airfob, you are not just investing in a security system, but in a scalable and future-proof solution that adapts to the evolving demands of your property, offering peace of mind and enhanced operational efficiency.


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