A journey of self-improvement with Fayoz, PM/QA engineer at Moca System.

Meet Fayoz, a dynamic member of the MOCA System family, originally from Uzbekistan. Armed with a Ph.D. in computer engineering and information security, Fayoz’s journey brought him to Korea in pursuit of academic excellence. In 2021, after completing his studies and writing multiple papers on software testing, he ventured into the tech industry, starting as a QA engineer at a 3D Reconstruction and AI Development startup in Pangyo, where he gained experience in managing an outsourcing team. In January 2023, driven by a passion for security and intrigued by MOCA’s vision, Fayoz joined the team as a PM/QA engineer.

A new open door in access control.

Fayoz’s journey into the access control industry was not conventional. He was only familiar with RFID cards in his home country where their use is widespread. His interest sparked from the potential growth of the mobile credentials industry in Uzbekistan. His long-term vision involves leveraging skills acquired at MOCA to potentially establish his own company back home.

Adopting the Korean work ethic: “Palli Palli”.

Fayoz notes the cultural differences in work practices, comparing Uzbekistan’s private sector culture to Korea’s “Palli Palli” work ethic. While he misses the warm greetings of his home country, he values the dedication and work ethic of his Korean colleagues, contributing to his self-development and future entrepreneurial plans.

International teams make international products.

Fayoz sees the diverse international team at MOCA as a rich spectrum of ideas and perspectives. He recognizes the role of colleagues from different backgrounds in addressing challenges from various angles, making the company’s products adaptable for a global market.

MOCA is one of the best places to grow.

Language barriers posed a significant challenge for Fayoz, who is still learning Korean and perfecting his English. However, being able to communicate in both languages, along with dedicated after-work classes, helped him overcome this hurdle. Moreover, as a PM/QA engineer, understanding various technological aspects usually master by software developer such as APIs, Mobile technology, hardware, firmware, and back-end required time and self-learning, showcasing the importance of continuous improvement.

Unlocking the future at MOCA.

Fayoz envisions himself evolving into a Project Manager, enhancing his knowledge in mobile back-end and product management.
A decade from now, he sees the company not only maintaining its robust vision and global standing but expanding its footprint significantly. With a touch of humor, he pictures MOCA evolving into a large entity, possibly with branches reaching into Central Asia.

More about Fayoz.

The man outside of work.

Fayoz‘s two pillar principles for life are being a good person and developing continuous knowledge. He envisions a future where he can balance family life with business ventures. An entrepreneur at heart, he dreams of showcasing the capabilities of Uzbek professionals, traveling the world, and documenting his journey through vlogs.

The love for his team.

At MOCA System, Fayoz has formed strong professional bonds, particularly with Dan, a fellow QA engineer. He actively collaborates with him, handling critical issues together and delivering them to the development team. Additionally, his work involves close interaction with Claudia, in charge of UX/UI and responsible for crafting development plans and new features.

If I could swap jobs for a day.

Fayoz’s interest in leadership and management becomes evident when he expresses a keen desire to trade places with Andrew, MOCA System’s CEO, just for a day.

Fayoz’s go-to-software.

Fun fact: Fayoz can easily sleep 15 hours a day and could win any sleep challenge, even when drinking coffee. To offset his sleep addiction, Fayoz’s secret weapon is Alarmy, for him the best way to wake up.

Another software essential for Fayoz is LinkedIn. He finds it valuable for following inspiring project managers and staying updated with industry news.

While exploring Fayoz’s journey at MOCA System, we encountered a beloved models of resilience, curiosity, and continuous self-improvement. Fayoz’s story sure does encapsulate the essence of a vibrant, collaborative, and dynamic work culture at MOCA System. As we dive into the depth of Fayoz’s experiences, we glimpse not just a PM/QA engineer, but an individual dedicated to unlocking his full potential within a global team. A heartfelt appreciation to Fayoz for enriching our collective journey at MOCA System!