Last week, the MOCA Team came together for an end-of-year team-building event out in the woods. A day where we spent healing and enjoying in nature, away from our busy lives. MOCA Team unleashed their inner party animals for a day of bonding, belly laughs, and a touch of friendly competition. Buckle up because we’re spilling all the juicy deets!

M for MOCA Madness!

First things first, we had to capture our fabulous selves in a legendary group photo. It’s a set rule, because what’s a team-building event without a group picture, right? And trust us, we didn’t force any of them.

After taking (totally not forced) pictures, we started the afternoon with fun and engaging games where we were split into teams. But teams weren’t just made, it was mixed and matched from every department, creating a kaleidoscope of personalities ready to conquer the day.

Due to our busy work schedules, we rarely have time to interact and bond with team members from other departments. Teams were made up of members of every department so we had the opportunity to communicate and build friendship through games.

Going for victory during the MOCA game!

Ddakji, Green light, red light, and group jump rope…. the games were wild. The competition was fierce as the stakes were high with prizes and punishments flying left and right!

Ddakji: A traditional Korean game in which a player lays a folded disk called ddakji on the ground and another player tries to win it by striking it with his/her own ddakji and making it turn over.

  • 1st place: An expensive bottle of bubbly 🍾 and a well-deserved break.
  • 2nd place: I guess they also deserved a break. 🙄
  • 3rd place: Grilling & serving meat. 🍖
  • Last place: Clean-up duty. 🧹

Teams went all out to dodge dishwashing and meal prep, resulting in an epic battle of wits and skill. Who knew team-building could be so cutthroat?

And who knew that playing games could be such a social butterfly’s dream? We ended up making new friends with people we never even knew existed before (aka other department team members).

Feast Mode: Enabled.

Food definitely hits differently after playing hard.

After the game, the bronze-winning team took charge of the grill, turning into BBQ maestros for the whole MOCA team.

Meat, seafood, veggies—because balance is key, right? Since MOCA consists of an international team, we made sure there was something for everyone.

As the night unfolded, we reveled in the warm glow of friendship, delicious food, and drinks that may or may not have been sweet (we’ll keep that between us).

A special shout-out to Hazel, who once again hosted a memorable event for the MOCA Team. The mastermind who prepared engaging games that brought us all closer together.

With new friendships built, we are ready to conquer the last month of 2023!