In the digital age, businesses continuously seek ways to streamline operations and boost efficiency. An area that often benefits from automation is time and attendance management.

How important is accuracy in time and attendance? The Workforce Institute reports that 54% of Americans have experienced problems with their paychecks. And according to HR Today, 50% of workers will start to look for new opportunities after just two payroll errors.

Leveraging technology improves retnetion, simplifies the payroll process, and also introduces benefits that contribute to an efficient, productive, and happy workforce. Here, we’ll explore these advantages, especially when employing a solution like Airfob Space.

General Benefits of Automated Time and Attendance

1. Accuracy and Reduced Errors:

Automated systems provide precise time tracking, minimizing the risk of human errors that can occur with manual input.

2. Timely and Full Payment:

Automating time and attendance ensures employees get paid in full and on time by eliminating payroll discrepancies.

3. Automated Employee Scheduling:

Automated systems can help managers create and modify employee schedules, leading to more efficient staffing.

4. Identification of Attendance Issues:

With an automated system, managers can quickly identify chronic tardiness, extended breaks, and other attendance issues, and take appropriate action.

5. Easier Vacation and PTO Scheduling:

Managing vacation and paid time off becomes more straightforward, minimizing conflicts and improving planning.

6. Increased Productivity:

By reducing time spent on manual time tracking, businesses can focus more on strategic and profitable tasks.

7. Reduced Costs:

Automating time and attendance can lower costs associated with manual time tracking, administrative errors, and overpayments.

8. Environmental Friendly:

Digital systems mean less paper waste, aligning with eco-friendly business practices.

9. Legal Compliance:

Automated systems help ensure compliance with labor laws by maintaining accurate records.

10. Improved Employee Morale:

Accuracy and transparency in time and attendance can contribute to better employee morale and trust.

Extra Benefits with Airfob Space

Airfob Space elevates the benefits of automated time and attendance by integrating innovative features such as mobile credentials and cloud connectivity.

1. Mobile Credentials:

Airfob Space lets you replace traditional RFID cards with mobile credentials. They’re more difficult to lose, cheaper, and eliminate “buddy punching”. This approach is also eco-friendlier, reducing waste from RFID cards.

2. Easy Setup:

Our readers and intelligent terminals require only a power connection when used with Airfob Space mobile credentials. The phone transmits the T&A log to the cloud server, simplifying setup. Of course, you can still connect the readers to the network to take unlock more settings and use a wider variety of credential types.

3. Cloud Connectivity:

Being cloud-based, Airfob Space is easy to integrate with scheduling and payroll solutions via its API. For example, our partners at EasySecure offer a fully integrated solution, allowing customers to manage users and issue mobile credentials from EasySecure’s time registration and attendance platform.

“Airfob space offers us an innovative solution for mobile access control and time registration that is easy to integrate in a third party system. The cutting edge technology along with the terrific support of the Airfob team makes it a perfect fit.”

Daan Kalkman – EasySecure International


Automating time and attendance can be a game-changer for businesses, significantly improving efficiency, accuracy, and employee satisfaction. Leveraging the power of Airfob Space can further enhance these benefits, driving your business toward a more productive future.