A Tangled Web: The Problem with Traditional Access Control

Have you ever dealt with the mess and complexity of traditional access control systems? The countless nests of connections, door controllers, and kilometers of cabling can be a nightmare to install and manage. It is also messy and costly for the installers.

Simplicity with a Single Cable: Airfob Space

Airfob Space is here to unravel that complexity. How? By reducing all that wiring down to a single ethernet cable.

With Airfob Space, you don’t need a door controller for every door or a spiderweb of cabling. All our readers need is a single ethernet cable that provides power and a cloud connection. Our readers even have a built-in relay that connects directly to the strike or EM lock.

Easy Setup,
Easier Management

Thanks to this streamlined wiring system, installing Airfob Space is as easy as pie. Connect your readers to the network, register them with the Airfob Pro app, and presto! You’re up and running.

Plus, with no need for on-site servers or software maintenance, managing your access control system is a breeze. And since Airfob Space is cloud-based, you’ll always have the latest, most secure version of the system.

Goodbye, Cabling Mess; Hello, Savings

With Airfob Space’s simplified wiring, you’re not just saving time and reducing installation headaches. You’re also saving considerable costs that would otherwise go into extensive cabling and hardware.

Scalable and Future-Ready

But the cherry on top? This simplicity doesn’t limit your scalability. As your business grows, so can your access control system – no additional hardware or cabling mess is required.

Airfob Space is more than an access control solution—it’s a revolution in installation simplicity. By reducing complex wiring to a single ethernet cable, we’re making installations faster, easier, and more cost-effective. Embrace the simplicity of Airfob Space and untangle your access control woes. Welcome to the future of security, where less truly is more.