Knock, Knock! Airfob Space 2.5 is here! App-free access control is now at your door.

We are excited to unveil the latest advancements in our Airfob product line with the release of Airfob Space 2.5! This update includes new app-free credentials for visitors, convenient updates for admins, and even greater customization capabilities. Keep reading to learn more about all these exciting enhancements.

1. App-Free Access Control

  • QR Pass
  • Link Pass

2. Airfob Pro Web

  • Updated Event Logs
  • Custom Fields for User Templates
  • General UX/UI improvements

3. Airfob Pro App

  • Admin Sign-up
  • Device Management Improvement

4. Airfob Space App

  • Light Mode

App-Free Access Control.

For most employees, residents, and members, downloading an app to open doors is fine. For guests, it’s a different story. One study shows that around 40% of us find it extremely frustrating to be forced to download an app for a one-time transaction. Recognizing this, we are introducing two new app-free credentials for Airfob Space, QR Pass and Link Pass.

These new credentials empower administrators to grant access to visitors with ease while maintaining stringent security measures and standards for accountability.

QR Pass: QR codes have emerged as a popular choice for seamless access control in various settings. With QR Pass, administrators can issue instant, dynamic QR codes to visitors, enabling them to access designated areas equipped with QR codes readers swiftly and securely.

This method offers an app-free experience for a streamlined and intuitive access experience. QR Pass provides an ideal solution for scenarios requiring quick and secure access, such as visitor management in corporate environments or guest access to residential buildings.

Link Pass: Link Pass expands the accessibility of Airfob’s access control system by enabling administrators to send access links to external visitors. These links grant temporary access to designated entry points, providing a convenient and user-friendly access solution.

Link Pass offers flexibility and convenience for scenarios where physical keys or traditional access cards may not be feasible, such as one-time access for service providers or temporary guests. By leveraging the power of web-based access, Link Pass enhances the overall accessibility and efficiency of access control management.

Both QR Pass and Link Pass, combined with Airfob’s robust backend, provide administrators with a comprehensive and secure solution for managing access to non-critical spaces. Apply access levels and time limits, just as you would with mobile credentials or RF cards. Whether it’s granting access to visitors, contractors, or delivery personnel, Airfob Space 2.5 ensures a seamless and secure access experience for all stakeholders.

Airfob Pro Web.

Airfob Space 2.5 introduces significant enhancements to the Airfob Pro Web platform, enhancing site management capabilities and streamlining administrative workflows.

Updated Event Logs: Event logs play a crucial role in access control management, providing insights into system activities and user interactions. With Airfob Space 2.5, we have enhanced the event log interface to provide users with a more intuitive and informative experience. The updated interface offers improved visualization and filtering options, allowing administrators to track and analyze events more effectively.

Users can now customize their event log reports, selecting and sorting data types to suit their specific requirements. Additionally, the inclusion of extensive filtering options ensures that administrators can refine their search criteria with precision, facilitating comprehensive event tracking and analysis.

Custom Fields for User Templates: User customization is essential for tailoring access control systems to meet the unique needs of different environments. With Airfob Space 2.5, administrators can now customize user fields and templates, enabling them to add new items or modify existing ones to suit their specific requirements.

This flexibility streamlines the process of adding new user profiles and ensures consistency and accuracy in data management. By centralizing user customization options within the Airfob Pro Web platform, administrators can optimize their access control systems for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Airfob Pro App.

The Airfob Pro App receives significant updates in Airfob Space 2.5, enhancing user convenience and accessibility across mobile devices.

Admin Sign-up: New administrators can now sign up directly through the Airfob Pro App, simplifying the onboarding process and reducing administrative overhead. By enabling administrators to create accounts directly from their mobile devices, Airfob Space 2.5 streamlines the user registration process, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for new admins. Administrators can set up their accounts quickly and easily, allowing them to access essential features and functionalities without delay.

Device Management Improvement: Airfob Space 2.5 introduces improvements to device management functionality within the Airfob Pro App, enhancing the user experience and interface consistency across platforms. With the unified interface, users can manage users, doors, and devices seamlessly, regardless of their preferred platform or device. The device information page has also been improved to reflect that goal. This streamlined approach to device management ensures consistency and efficiency in access control management, empowering administrators to secure their premises from anywhere, at any time.

Airfob Space App.

The Airfob Space App undergoes a transformation in Airfob Space 2.5, introducing a new light mode option for enhanced user experience and accessibility.

Light Mode: Just in time for Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere at least), Airfob Space 2.5 introduces a light mode option, offering users a brighter and more visually appealing interface as our days get longer. Light mode enhances visibility and readability in various lighting conditions, ensuring optimal user experience across different environments. Whether accessing the app during the day or in well-lit environments, users can enjoy a comfortable and visually pleasing interface that enhances usability and accessibility.

Airfob Space 2.5 represents a significant milestone in access control innovation, delivering a comprehensive suite of features and enhancements designed to meet the evolving needs of our users. From advanced credential options to streamlined administrative workflows, Airfob Space 2.5 empowers administrators to enhance security, convenience, and efficiency across their access control systems. Upgrade to Airfob Space 2.5 today and unlock the future of access control technology.