We’ve got some thrilling updates to share about the latest version of Airfob —introducing Airfob v2.4, a game-changer that’s taking our access control solution to new heights. We’ve harnessed the incredible power of cloud technology and mobile credentials to redefine the access control experience. Get ready for a journey through our portal and apps, where every enhancement is designed to surprise and delight you.

  • [AIRFOB PRO WEB PORTAL] Enhanced Patch T&A Settings
  • [AIRFOB PRO WEB PORTAL] Raonark Support
  • [AIRFOB PRO MOBILE APP] Door Management
  • [AIRFOB PRO MOBILE APP] User Management


Enhanced Patch T&A Settings

Enhancing Time and Attendance (T&A) functionality is our latest triumph in Airfob Space v2.4. The introduction of “Patch T&A” brings significant improvements, offering you greater flexibility and control.

Whether it’s Automatic Change, Fixed, or Mobile T&A codes, Airfob Patch and Airfob Tag seamlessly communicate with the server, unlocking new use cases like exclusive Time and Attendance tracking with Airfob Tags (APB). In a nutshell, v2.4 empowers you with expanded T&A options and the flexibility to redefine how you use Tags.

Airfob Ally

We introduced Airfob Ally, our chatbot, to the Airfob Pro Portal in beta a few months ago. Now it is officially supported. With this new addition, admins can easily ask questions to the chatbot to help them maximize their Airfob Pro experience.

You can find the chatbot icon on the lower right corner of the Airfob Pro Portal, where you can ask questions about how to use Airfob Space.

It also refers to relevant articles in the knowledge base and even training videos.

Learn more about Airfob Ally: https://youtu.be/64e757zFqIw



Raonark Door Lock Support

In the latest update, Airfob Space has extended its credentials beyond readers and patches to seamlessly integrate with door locks. Yes, you heard it right – Airfob Space credentials can now be effortlessly added to door locks through Airfob Pro, just like you would with any other readers and patches. The first door locks to be supported are from Raonark.

This marks a milestone as we take the first steps towards integrating Airfob Space with devices beyond our production. It’s not just about MOCA hardware anymore as we broaden our horizons to include door locks from partners, offering more versatile solutions for our users. This is just the initial stride of our extension as we plan to integrate with more door locks soon!

MOCA is taking a huge step forward to putting Airfob Space on every door! Airfob Space is inching closer to being the go-to access solution for every door.

This is just the beginning, and we can’t wait to unlock more doors for you!


We’ve brought the power of Door Management and User Management from the portal to the palm of Airfob Pro App users’ hands with the latest update.

Door management

Now organized under ‘Doors,’ our Door Management feature lets you configure read-in and read-out devices for the same door directly from the app.

Door Management on the Airfob Pro app is the latest addition, following its successful launch on the web portal a few months ago in v2.2!


The ‘Monitoring‘ tab provides real-time visibility into the status of connected doors, indicating whether it’s open, closed, locked, or unlocked. This new feature also provides remote operation capabilities, ensuring the safety and security of employees and guests at your fingertips.

It adds an extra layer of convenience for managing multiple sites, enabling administrators to respond promptly to situations even when they’re not physically present at the site.


User Management

User Management in the Pro app mirrors the portal experience. With the ‘Users’ menu in the Pro app, you can access and manage the list of users, user groups, their information, and the status of the existing mobile cards, just like you would on the portal.

Adding and Managing Users

Easily add and manage users, including actions like activation, reactivation, suspension, revocation, and deletion.

Before you can issue mobile or RFID cards to users, you must first register them. To add a new user, you need to click on ‘All Users‘ and then tap the ‘+‘ icon located at the top right corner of the screen. This will bring up the ‘Add New User‘ panel where you can enter the required user information.

Note: If you want to add users in bulk, you will need to head over to our portal.

User Groups

User Groups add an extra layer of organization, allowing you to sort users based on location, role, or department. Admins, rejoice—you now have the power to control user statuses remotely, keeping everything up to date effortlessly.

Click ‘+’ next to the title to create a new group or add it as a subgroup of an existing group if needed.


Managing users

When managing user management, admins can execute various actions such as activating, reactivating, suspending, revoking, and deleting users.

This enables administrators to remotely control user statuses and ensure they remain up to date.



New card Screen

Admins are not the only ones provided with an update this time! We also have exciting news for our end users.

The Airfob Space app just received a glamorous makeover with a brand-new card screen interface. Brace yourselves for an elevated visual experience that not only enhances aesthetics but also promises seamless navigation. The revamped interface is not just a cosmetic upgrade; it provides end users with an intuitive and beautiful user experience. Thanks to the new structure, it’s easier to find the right card.


Mobile T&A

Mobile T&A update is not just an update on Airfob Pro’s end as we turned any Airfob reader, patch, or tag into a T&A terminal with the latest updates.

Mobile time and attendance (T&A) systems are an absolute game changer. It provides a convenient and efficient way for businesses to track employee attendance and work hours. Employees can simply record their time from their mobile phones. This technology is becoming more popular as organizations seek efficient and accurate methods of managing workforce time and attendance. The system is powered by cloud and mobile technology, which makes it highly efficient for users.

But how does it exactly work? We’ve got you covered!

To log attendance, users can just simply tap their phone on the reader, patch, or tag using the Airfob Space App. On the app, they can select customizable T&A keys like ‘start shift’, ‘end shift’, ‘start break’, ‘end break’, etc.

This system seamlessly integrates with your existing Airfob Space Access Control System, so you don’t have to start anew.

With the advent of Mobile T&A, we have also made more devices compatible with this function like the Airfob Edge Readers, Patches, and Tags. Once the devices are set as T&A readers, you can easily log your attendance through your Airfob Space App. We’ve mentioned that you can also use our affordable patches and tags as a tagging station, which means there is no wiring required!

Get ready to explore Airfob Space v2.4—where innovation meets user satisfaction, and every update is a step towards a more delightful experience! So, make sure you have the latest versions of the Airfob Space (iOS/Android) and Airfo Pro (iOS/Android) apps installed on your phone to benefit from the latest updates!