Elevating security with mobile credentials and cloud access.

Security systems must adapt to the digital transformation shaping the future. Traditional access control credentials and systems are no longer sufficient; it’s time for a paradigm shift. The combination of mobile credentials and cloud access offered by MOCA System’s Airfob Space increases security, accessibility, and convenience.

Mobile credentials: A game-changer.

Traditional systems that depend on physical cards or keys are fraught with potential security risks, including loss, theft, or cloning. With Airfob Space, your smartphone becomes your key, significantly reducing these risks. Airfob Space uses encrypted and hashed card IDs, employing AES-256 encryption, which eliminates the possibility of ID exposure on third-party servers.

Advanced encryption and authentication.

Airfob Space employs industry-leading encryption technologies to ensure secure data transfers between the cloud and your mobile device. It uses a secure HTTPS connection with TLS 1.2 encryption, regulated by AWS API gateway to throttle API requests. This system requires an access token that must be renewed frequently, adding another layer of protection against unauthorized access.

Immediate deactivation for lost devices.

Airfob Space provides an option to immediately deactivate credentials if your smartphone is misplaced or stolen. This preemptive measure ensures no unauthorized access can occur, even when a device lands in the wrong hands.

Cloud-based security and data protection.

Airfob Space is hosted on AWS Amazon RDS encrypted DB instances using industry-standard AES-256 encryption. This secure, cloud-based framework ensures your data is always protected at rest and in transit. Storing all of the information securely in the cloud eradicates the risk of data loss due to local system failure.

Secure storage and communication.

Airfob Space prioritizes the secure storage of mobile cards on smartphones. As mentioned before, all data is encrypted with AES 256, with keys securely stored and managed within the phone’s Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), such as Secure Enclave on Apple devices and TrustZone on ARM SoCs. Additionally, a new one-time encryption key, secures every connection between a phone and reader. The code immediately becomes invalid after the connection ends. You can think of it as being similar to a one-time pass (OTP) used in banking.

Mobile card data forgery prevention.

Airfob Space takes preventive measures against mobile card data forgery. Each Airfob Space credential uses Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)-based Digital Signature Protection with unique signing key values for each site. This ensures that mobile credentials only work with mobile card readers from the same organization.


The integration of mobile credentials and cloud access has brought about a revolution in security. Airfob Space, with its advanced encryption, secure storage, and cloud-based framework, is leading this transformation. Upgrade your security system today with Airfob Space and ensure the utmost protection for your assets and personnel.