Step Inside the User Experience

Using the Airfob Space app, you only need to walk up to the door, and it opens – just like magic! Currently, the app works even when your phone is locked, so there’s no need to navigate through your apps or punch in a code. And soon, you’ll be able to enjoy a hands-free mode where doors open even when your phone is safely tucked away in your pocket. Talk about VIP treatment!

Mobile access control is not just about opening doors but the whole user experience. It’s designed to make life easier, more convenient, and more secure for everyone. The Airfob Space app offers users a seamless experience, ensuring they never have to worry about losing cards or forgetting PIN codes. All they need is their phone, which is always with them.

Reasons to Love Mobile Access Control

Here are a few reasons why mobile access control is the best:

Convenience for Users: Mobile access control offers unmatched convenience. Users no longer have to carry physical tokens, cards, or remember PIN codes. All they need is their phone, which is always with them.

Power to the Admins: Administrators can issue and revoke access from anywhere, anytime. With the Airfob Space app, they can issue an access pass to a visitor without even leaving their chair.

Security++: Mobile credentials come packed with encryption, a one-time pass, and anti-forgery technology, which means that users can rest assured that their information is always secure.

Who Needs a Piece of This Pie?

Just about any business can benefit from mobile access control, but here are a few types that’ll see an immediate impact:

  • Co-working Spaces: Co-working spaces can instantly provide access to new tenants or revoke access from ex-tenants using mobile access control. This service is especially useful for spaces with high turnover rates.
  • Multi-Branch Businesses: Manage access control for all branches from one place with mobile access control. It’s an excellent option for businesses with multiple locations.
  • Gyms and Universities: Offer your members and students a more seamless and user-friendly experience with mobile access control.
  • Any place with high visitor frequency: Mobile access control makes it easy to issue temporary access to visitors and revoke it once their business is done. It’s great for places like hospitals, government buildings, and hotels.

Mobile access control is here, and it’s taking the business world by storm. With Airfob Space leading the charge, it’s time to embrace the convenience and security of this revolutionary solution. After all, who wouldn’t want to open doors with a hand wave (or the phone in their pocket)?