Building management solutions (BMS) are becoming increasingly complex, and businesses need to keep up with the times. One of the most significant shifts in recent years has been the move toward cloud-based solutions. While some BMS still rely on on-premise software and hardware, cloud-based solutions offer many benefits. They go beyond simply managing assets and make it easier to achieve seamless integration, smart data analytics, and superior security. One significant benefit is the ability to integrate with other cloud solutions, such as cloud access control systems like Airfob Space.

Seamless Integration

As building management solutions rise to the cloud, communication becomes streamlined. With its cloud-based infrastructure, Airfob Space is an ideal companion for your BMS. Its API is designed to mesh effortlessly with your system, creating a harmonious integration. This integration allows you to combine the power of your BMS with the advanced features of Airfob Space. For example, you can use Airfob Space’s mobile credentials to control access to your building. This means that employees can unlock doors and gain access to secure areas using their smartphones. With Airfob Space, you can also use a single app to manage access control, instead of relying on multiple apps for different systems.


Secure Mobile Credentials

With the Airfob Space Software Development Kit (SDK), secure mobile credentials can be directly incorporated into your app. This not only heightens security but also enhances user convenience.

Analytical Superpowers

Knowledge is power, and Airfob Space grants your BMS just that. By identifying the most frequently used doors and rooms, and the users behind these activities, your BMS gains invaluable business intelligence, enabling informed decision-making. It can even intuit the most common paths through the building, helping to optimize routes and wayfinding.

Space Utilization

By integrating with a cloud-based access control system, your BMS can optimize space utilization. This knowledge can help improve building layouts, inform emergency evacuation plans, and enhance overall building efficiency.

Enhanced Security

By incorporating Airfob Space’s cloud-based access control, you can elevate your building security. Advanced features such as mobile credentials, encryption, and instant deactivation of lost devices ensure that your building remains a fortress against unauthorized access.


Automation is the future, and with Airfob Space, your BMS can embrace it. By knowing where people are in your building, systems such as lighting and HVAC can adjust automatically, promoting energy efficiency and reducing costs.

Ready for Integration

MOCA System recognizes the need for instant and seamless integration. That’s why we’re working to ensure Airfob Space can integrate with numerous building management solutions right out of the box.


Cloud-based access control integration with Airfob Space is not just an upgrade, but a necessity for contemporary building management solutions. By integrating your BMS with Airfob Space, you can improve space utilization, enhance security, and gain valuable business intelligence. Airfob Space’s mobile credentials are more secure than traditional keys or access cards, and they are encrypted and can be revoked at any time. This means that if an employee loses their smartphone, you can immediately revoke their mobile credentials to prevent unauthorized access to your building. With Airfob Space, your BMS becomes an analytical powerhouse, an automation champion, and a bastion of security. Welcome to the future of building management.

Upgrade to the future of access control

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