Airfob Space v2.2 is a game-changer.

Airfob Space is now better than ever with version 2.2. We’re finding new ways to leverage two of our biggest assets: The power of the cloud and mobile credentials. In the process, we’re creating an access control solution that’s different from anything else, with features that unexpectedly delight our customers.

Updates for Airfob Space v2.2:

  • SMS Invitations – Now send mobile credentials via SMS or email
  • Custom Email Invitations – Personalize mobile credential email invitations for your brand and site
  • T&A on Any Device – Now you can use readers without screens for time & attendance
  • Door Management – Add read-in and read-out readers to a door for easier management
  • Sub-Distributor Management – Now our Value Added Resellers can directly manage their partners
  • Improved Performance – Because we never stop getting better!

Want more details? Keep reading below.

SMS invitations.

Sometimes it’s just more convenient to send mobile credential invitations by text message, rather than email. Now you can! This feature is especially useful when you are providing credentials to someone who does not have a corporate email address. This includes guests, retail employees, and co-working spaces.

Please note that this service is not free. We incur a cost every time we send an SMS message on your behalf. 1 credit will give you 50 SMS invitations.

To use SMS Invitations, first, you’ll need to enable them under site settings.

  1. Go to Settings > Credit Center.
  2. Toward the bottom of the page, you will see a section to recharge credits and SMS.
  3. You can request SMS credits from your Airfob Space installer.

* Right now our SMS Credit counter is a bit funny, and not like funny ha ha. It shows the whole number of credits you have purchased, rather than the number of invitations you can sent. We are working on this and will share updates.

(If you are an Airfob Space Partner, you can add SMS credits to a customer’s site in the Airfob Space Partner web portal. Click on the site, go to the Edit Credits tab, and add SMS credits.)

When you send out invitations to users, you can now choose between Email or SMS.

As mentioned above, you can buy SMS credits through Airfob Space partners. The cost is 1 credit for 50 invitations.

Customized emails.

We received numerous requests from site administrators who wanted to customize invitation emails with their brand logos, text, and other elements. This makes sense: Adding your brand logo and information to your company increases trust. You may also need to add special instructions for visitors about your company policies.

To customize your email, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Email templates.
  2. Press + Add Template in the upper right corner.
  3. On this page, you can edit the following:
    • Email Type (Activated, Reissued, Revoked, Deleted, Suspended Email)
    • Email Styles (Including Logo, Title Text, Body Text, and Footer Text)
  4. Note that you can edit emails in all languages we support (English, Korean, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish). You only need to update the ones you will use.
  5. On the right side, you can see a preview of how the email will look.
  6. Once you have everything, you can save the template.

T&A on any device.

You can now set up readers without screens, such as the Airfob Edge Reader, Airfob Patch, and Airfob Tag, to register time and attendance events. For now, you can set a device to have a fixed event code like “start shift” or “end shift”. Further into the future, employees will be able to select the event code inside the Airfob app, after tapping the reader.

Pro Tip: Just need a device to tap for T&A without door access? Consider a pair of Airfob Tags. They’re battery-operated, require no external power or wiring, and work with Airfob Mobile Credentials.

To enable this feature:

  1. Go to Device Management > Registered Devices
  2. Select a device
  3. Scroll down to T&A Settings
  4. Set the T&A Mode to Fixed and enter or select the T&A code the device should return in the logs
  5. Click Save

! This feature is officially part of v2.2, but will go live in 1-2 weeks after some additional testing. MOCA will keep you updated, so make sure to follow us on LinkedIn for updates and check your email for information.

In future updates, we will allow you to select T&A buttons on your phone app (not yet available).

Door management.

Instead of managing readers individually, they are now organized under doors. This allows you to have read-in and read-out devices for the same door. For existing sites, you will notice that each device has been added to its own door, and your access levels have been updated accordingly. Your system will continue to work normally without any action required. However, you can reorganize readers if two are on the same door.

Note: To use this function, your device’s firmware must be updated to the latest version.

To manage your doors:

  1. Go to Door Management > Registered Doors
    • You can now see the ‘Entry Device’ and ‘Exit Device’ for set doors or door groups.
  2. In Registered Doors, press + Add Door in the upper right corner.
  3. In this menu, you can name the door and assign entry and exit devices to the chosen door.
  4. If you have entry and/or exit devices set up, you can also modify SIO2, Door Relay, Exit Button, Door Sensor, and Open Time information.
  5. Previously, you were able to schedule lock/unlock settings for devices, now it has moved to doors.

To manage door groups:

  1. Go to Door Management > Door Groups
    • You can now see the number of doors per door group.
  2. Press + Add Door Group in the upper right corner.
  3. In this pop-up, you can create door groups or add them as a subgroup. Then, you can choose the doors that you want to add to the created door group.

!! Important Note:

  • Starting with this update, Access Levels have also undergone a revamp, now referring to Door Groups and Individual Doors instead of Device Groups and Individual devices.


We’re proud to have Value Added Resellers (VARs) representing Airfob Space across the world. And many of these VARs work with system integrators and installers to provide better service to customers. Now our VARs can directly manage their partners as sub-distributors, allowing for greater flexibility.

! This feature is available to our Value Added Resellers in the Airfob Partner Portal.

In order to utilize the latest features, make sure you have the latest versions of the Airfob Space (iOS/Android) and Airfob Pro (iOS/Android) apps installed on your phone.