A wireless future: How Airfob Space is revolutionizing access control.

In a world moving rapidly towards digitalization, the age-old system of keys and locks feels almost antiquated. Enter Airfob Space, an innovator in the realm of security, weaving the convenience of wireless technology into the fabric of access control. The introduction of wireless door locks under the Airfob umbrella is not just a step, but a leap into the future of holistic security.

A Seamless Blend with Airfob Pro.

At the heart of this revolution lies Airfob Pro, a backend management system designed especially to offer a unified platform where administrators can manage access control readers and wireless door locks on a single system with a single database. Gone are the days when administrators juggled multiple systems for wired access readers and wireless locks. Airfob Pro provides a consolidated database, ensuring every user, and every entry is logged under one roof, and that any door – regardless of lock type – can be managed with role-based access control.

Retrofitting Made Easy.

Perhaps one of the standout features of Airfob Space’s technology is the Airfob Tag. It’s a bridge connecting the past to the present. This ingenious device transforms existing Mifare-compatible door locks into modern, mobile credential-ready systems. The beauty lies in the simplicity of its application – an adhesive tag that sticks, upgrades, and breathes life into traditional locks.

Add Doors, not Wires.

Generally with access control, doors with wired RFID readers are treaded very differently than doors with wireless door locks. Often the doors are managed on entirely separate systems, which means separate user databases, access levels, and users. Managing them through a unified system requires expensive custom integration work.

Airfob Space can manage wired readers and wireless door locks on the Airfob Pro backend management system without any customization.

This means you can confidently upgrade older buildings without wires, a common headache with traditional systems.

The User at the Heart of Innovation.

The pinnacle of any successful technology is the experience it provides its users. With Airfob Space, unlocking doors transforms into an experience in itself. Tapping a phone on the reader is all it takes. The world of access control, with Airfob at the helm, becomes an arena where the user feels empowered, and not bogged down by the complexities of technology.

Diverse Applications for a Modern World.

From sprawling university campuses to buzzing co-working spaces, the scope of Airfob Space’s impact is vast:

  • Universities: Managing access across diverse student housing units becomes a cakewalk. The fluidity ensures security while maintaining the freedom students crave.
  • Co-working Spaces: As these spaces buzz with innovation, security should be the last concern. Airfob steps in to ensure each individual office, each shared space, remains secure yet accessible.
  • Residential Complexes: Modern-day living is all about community. Ensuring seamless access for residents while maintaining security parameters becomes effortless with Airfob.

Airfob Space isn’t merely introducing a product; it’s heralding a movement. A movement towards smarter, more efficient, and user-centric access control. As we open doors to the future, it’s clear that the key lies in embracing wireless innovation. With Airfob Space, the future looks not only secure but also seamlessly accessible.