Today at MOCA we are introducing several important admin and security features based on popular demand. Keep reading for more details.

Long-Press is Now Optional

The Long-Press feature in our Airfob Pass app lets you trigger doors from a distance of several meters. This is especially useful for opening garage doors without reaching out of the car to tap a reader. But it isn’t appropriate for every site.

Now you have the option in Airfob Portal to disable the Long-Press feature at the site level. For new sites, Long-Press will be disabled by default, but you can easily switch it on under site-level settings.

Enhanced Security for Admin Accounts

We have also taken several measures to strengthen the security of Airfob Portal Admin accounts.

First, admin accounts that are inactive for more than 90 days will be locked automatically. This helps prevent unauthorized access by former employees or through forgotten accounts. Unlocking an account requires access to the email address associated with the account.

Second, we now give you 30-, 60-, and 90-day options for admin password expiry. This is to help match your organization’s own security requirements.

Finally, two-factor authentication is now available for admin account login. Just toggle it on and admins will need to enter a verification code (sent via email) with each login.