Cloud Access Control for Residential Access

Make your home or apartment building smarter with Airfob Space

Airfob Space is a 100% cloud-based mobile access control solution that gives you a more flexible, secure, and efficient way to manage access to your residential buildings.

Modern apartments and co-living spaces incorporate advanced technologies and materials that adapt to residents’ needs and enhance the overall quality of life, security, and convenience.

This means providing safe but easy access to the building, individual units, and shared spaces like lounges, swimming pools, gyms, workspaces, and roof terraces.

Airfob Space, the first fully cloud-based access control system, controls your doors and locks onto residents’ smartphones, providing far greater security and convenience than regular keys or physical access cards. It also gives your building a cool factor you can’t get anywhere else.

Upgrade easily with Airfob Tag or a compatible lock
  • If you are building a new space or doing a full remodel, there is a range of high-quality wireless door locks with EN and ANSI ratings that are compatible with Airfob Space, right out of the box.
  • If you already have digital door locks installed, it’s not necessary to remove your existing door locks. Airfob Tag provides an instant upgrade for existing locks that work with plastic cards.
Give residents the feeling of freedom that comes with greater security
  • Keys are inconvenient and residents can copy and keep them after moving out. The same is true of plastic access cards.
  • Mobile credentials are an inherently more secure access method because administrators can remotely revoke them at any time.
  • Building managers can also grant or restrict access to specific floors, amenities, and areas of a building. Residents can share temporary access with guests, cleaners, and repair crews on an as-needed basis.
Simpler installation, lower up-front costs
  • Airfob Space is a complete cloud-hosted and managed access control solution. This means there is no need for expensive door controllers or on-premises servers. We take care of all the server maintenance, software upgrades, and security patches.
Reduce your ecological footprint with Airfob
  • Residents increasingly pay attention to a building’s eco-friendly credentials when choosing a place to live. According to our calculations, annual waste from discarded access cards adds up to the equivalent weight of 900 family sedans. Airfob allows you to have all your keys on your phone, eliminating all excessive scraps and plastic keycards so you can reduce your ecological footprint.

Upgrade to the future of access control for residential buildings

Airfob opens doors for more than 11,000 spaces. Is yours next?

Upgrade to the future of access control

Airfob opens doors for more than 11,000 spaces. Is yours next?