Cloud Access Control for Hotels & Vacation Rentals

Managing access control for the hospitality industry, including hotels and vacation rentals, can be complicated. Guests, staff, and maintenance personnel all require different levels of access. The check-in process can also be a hassle, especially for vacation rentals where there may not be a check-in counter or when owners are unavailable to hand over keys.

Airfob Space, MOCA System’s 100% cloud-based mobile access control system, offers a solution to these challenges. Guests can access areas they need by simply tapping their phones, making check-in and access control convenient and stress-free. Additionally, Airfob Space is secure, eliminating the need to hide keys or change pin codes every time a guest checks out.

Unlock the future of access for hotels and vacation rentals with Airfob Space 

Compatible with most digital door locks, including your existing ones
  • If you already have digital door locks installed, it’s not necessary to remove your existing door locks. Airfob Tag provides an instant upgrade for existing locks that work with plastic cards. If remodeling is on the to-do list, there is a range of high-quality wireless door locks with EN and ANSI ratings that are compatible with Airfob Space.
Bid farewell to the hassle of individually distributing key cards or PIN codes to your guests
  • With Airfob, you can issue mobile cards remotely, so your guests can explore the city while they wait for check-in time. When their room is ready, a card will be sent directly to their phone, notifying them when they can access their room.
  • Gone are the days of only being able to give just one or two key cards to a family or group. With Airfob, you can hand out mobile cards to everyone in the group, so they can come and go as they please without needing to rely on someone else to let them in.
Our user-friendly apps for managers and guests make access control a breeze
  • With the Airfob Pro app, managers and owners can remotely manage all the doors to rooms and facilities within a few taps. While the Airfob Space app is designed to create an unforgettable experience for guests.
Automate the check-in process and manage it remotely with Airfob Pro
  • Automatically send key cards as soon as a room is ready for check-in. Managers and owners can also manage access remotely in real-time, making the check-in and check-out process faster and more convenient.
Airfob can be integrated with other cloud-based systems
  • Airfob Space integrates seamlessly with cloud-based hotel and property management solutions, thanks to our powerful APIs and SDKs.
  • Managers can create automated flows for to efficiently manage routine processes and enhance the guest experience.
Lower up-front costs with a cloud-based system
  • Airfob Space is a complete cloud-hosted and managed access control solution. This means there is no need for expensive door controllers or on-premises servers. We take care of all the server maintenance, software upgrades, and security patches. There are no replacement costs needed for lost, stolen, or cloned cards.
Secure access for everyone
  • Airfob eliminates the risk of lost, stolen, or cloned cards, providing worry-free exploration for guests and peace of mind for establishments. Through advanced encryption and authentication techniques, only authorized users can access the spaces. Admins can grant or revoke access, even remotely, allowing cards to be distributed only to those who should have access.
Manage all of your properties with one solution
  • Airfob Space is designed to scale, with unlimited capacity for users and doors. You can manage multiple sites with wired main doors and wireless door locks, all from the Airfob Pro backend management system.

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of traditional keys and key cards in your hotel or vacation rental. Let Airfob Space revolutionize the way you manage access control with its safe, secure, and convenient cloud-based mobile access solution. 

Upgrade to the future of access control for hotels and vacation rentals

More than 8,000 spaces have already discovered the convenience of Airfob. Is yours next?