Cloud Access Control for Gyms and Member-driven companies

Airfob Space is the ideal access solution for gyms, private clubs, self-storage, and other member-driven businesses.

Member-driven companies and gyms thrive when they prioritize accessibility and put the needs, desires, and convenience of members at the forefront of decision-making.

Member-driven companies and gyms must control access to their spaces; their business models depend on this. However, they must also ensure that access is easy for paying members. Complicating things further, most of these businesses have multiple locations and allow members to visit different branches.

This is where traditional on-premises access solutions fail and Airfob Space, a cloud-based mobile-first access solution, shines.

Grant access 24/7 to your members
  • With Airfob Pro, admins can manage all their sites remotely, improving efficiency and freeing up on-site staff for more useful tasks than checking cards. With automated check-ins, members can access the space anytime, even when staff are busy assisting other customers. The flexibility in opening hours can make the facility more appealing to members who have busy schedules. Access can be customized; members can access private rooms for workouts or other facilities based on the membership plan.
Manage your branches anywhere with any device
  • Airfob Pro offers both an app and web portal so administrators can manage access from anywhere with any type of device. The access is also communicated to the users immediately so everyone is assured to have up-to-date information and can enter instantly without waiting for it to transfer.
Stop spending money on replacing and issuing thousands of card every year
  • Access cards are expensive. Issuing a card to a new member who shows up on January 2 and never renews costs just as much as issuing a card for members who renew month after month. With Airfob Space, mobile membership cards are shockingly affordable.
  • Save even more by allowing prospects to register online and get their membership cards automatically by email or text message.
  • Mobile access cards not only save money, but they also save the environment, eliminating literally tons of unrecyclable plastic waste every year.
Easily manage all subscription and access within a few taps
  • With Airfob, you can have an unlimited number of users and readers. So, you can scale it to your facility’s needs. Compare that to traditional access control readers with limits built right into the hardware.
  • Never worry about your access solution falling behind during the New Year rush. Be confident that your members will be able to access all your locations instantly. Protect your bottom line by ensuring that only members who are up to date on their payments can access your space.
Next-level user experience
  • A key card to enter the gym, another key card or key to open the personal locker. Before the actual workout, members need multiple keys (cards) or passcodes to access the building, the gym, and even their lockers, which makes it inconvenient and time-consuming. With Airfob Space App, users only need one app to access all spaces, including their personal lockers at the gym.
Reduce security threats and secure your facilities for members' exclusive use
  • Stolen or cloned keys can be used with malicious intent, posing a security risk. The existing key card system does not allow admins to revoke access remotely even if they are aware of security breaches as most systems run on one network. Airfob uses advanced encryption and authentication techniques to ensure that only authorized users can access the system. Give cards to only people who should access and allow access to those who need access at certain times. Admins can grant and revoke access when needed.
Use the benefits of Airfob as marketing
  • You can use the advantages of Airfob Space, along with the wow factor of mobile membership cards as marketing tools to attract premium members.
Man and woman using exercise equipment at a gym

Additionally, mobile access systems provide valuable data and analytics to the company that helps the gym or company better understand their members’ behavior and patterns to optimize their operations.

To address these challenges, many organizations are turning to advanced digital solutions, such as mobile access systems, like Airfob Space, which not only offer greater convenience but also more security and flexibility.

Airfob Space is a 100% cloud-based mobile access control solution that gives you a more flexible, secure, and efficient way to manage access to your branches.

Upgrade to the future of access control gyms and member-driven companies

Airfob opens doors for more than 11,000 spaces. Is yours next?

Upgrade to the future of access control

Airfob opens doors for more than 11,000 spaces. Is yours next?