Cloud Access Control for Schools and Universities

Schools and universities choose Airfob Space cloud access control to improve security, convenience, and the overall educational experience.

Access control is a crucial part of providing a safe and secure learning environment in primary schools, universities, and other educational institutions. Access to classrooms, labs, libraries, gyms, student housing, and more, should be safe yet accessible for authorized individuals.

At MOCA System, we understand the importance of secure, well-maintained, and accessible facilities for a better learning environment. That is why we offer Airfob Space, a fully cloud-based mobile access system that provides enhanced security features. Now, schools can ensure a safe and secure, yet accessible learning environment for their authorized individuals while enhancing their experience.

Control access levels for academic buildings, student housing, and other areas of campus
  • Airfob Pro allows admins to manage everything within one app, from managing doors, readers, users, and more to monitoring access to buildings and facilities, improving the safety and security of the campus. Additionally,
Free Airfob Space App for secure student ID
  • Airfob Space App offers a unique user experience with its user-friendly and stylish interface, making it easy for students, staff, and personnel to access facilities, classrooms, and resources with one tap on their phones.
Grant access with a simple click or automate the process
  • With Airfob, you can grant access to guests with a simple click on your phone, automatically unlock doors right before class time and lock them once the class ends and update the information immediately for all students following the class.
Cost-effective & minimal maintenance cost
  • Our cloud-based system is cost-effective, with minimal maintenance costs and no need to invest in expensive hardware and software. You only pay for what you use, and our cloud-server management fees are monthly based.
Unlimited students with minimal cost for credentials
  • Airfob also offers flexibility, with limitless users and readers, making it a scalable access control system for educational facilities of all sizes. Plus, our Airfob Engine API and SDK allow Airfob Space access control to be integrated with your cloud-connected software or apps to enhance the user experience and make students’ lives easier.
Keep students, faculty, and employees safe
  • By using Airfob, you can prevent unauthorized entrance with selective access, ensuring that not everyone has the same access to certain areas. And unlike physical keys and key cards, which can be lost, stolen, worn out, or cloned, Airfob mobile access is cheaper and more eco-friendly, saving you money and helping the environment.
Integrate with your own campus app and other services
  • Airfob provides Airfob Engine API and SDK so Airfob Space access control can be integrated with your cloud-connected software or apps to enhance students’ and professors’ experience.

Airfob Space is a 100% cloud-based mobile access control solution that gives you a more flexible, secure, and efficient way to manage access to your campus.

Upgrade to the future of access control of schools and universities

Airfob opens doors for more than 11,000 spaces. Is yours next?

Upgrade to the future of access control

Airfob opens doors for more than 11,000 spaces. Is yours next?