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Bring the Future of Access to Your Customers

Airfob Space is easy to install, simple to scale and built for integrations. Its cloud-based mobile access architecture is the ideal solution for co-working spaces, multi-branch companies, hybrid offices, gyms, rentals and so much more.

We partner with Value Added Resellers (VAR) to bring Airfob Space to our customers around the world.

We offer our VAR partners advantages that are hard to compete with:

  • A cloud-based product that doesn’t compete with existing business lines
  • An integration-friendly platform that is built to scale
  • Rock-solid hardware, built in Korea, that has undergone the most rigorous testing
  • The opportunity to share in recurring revenue
  • Extremely low maintenance with no on-site servers to maintain

What we look for in distributors

A track record of success with access control, alarm and home or workplace automation products

The ability to add value beyond moving boxes (we love working directly with SIs and MSPs)

Representing a region where adoption of cloud services is mature or growing quickly, with infrastructure to support cloud applications reliably.

Looking for an Airfob Distributor?

Find an authorized value added reseller in your area to learn about how Airfob Space can fit into your space.