Unlocking the future: A guide to cloud-based access control (ft. Airfob Space).

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how this innovative solution works and the benefits it offers compared to traditional on-premise systems. We’ll also discuss how Airfob Space, MOCA System’s cutting-edge product, can integrate seamlessly with your existing system to provide a customized, secure solution for your business.

Understanding cloud-based access control.

Cloud-based access control, also known as “Access Control as a Service” (ACaaS), represents the next evolution in security. Essentially, this solution allows access control systems to leverage cloud computing to store, manage, and control access data. Unlike traditional access control systems, these cloud solutions are not restricted to a single location, providing remote management possibilities and far-reaching scalability.

The mechanism behind cloud-based access control.

Cloud-based access control systems function by storing access data on the cloud. This data includes permissions, user credentials, and logs. The control hardware installed at the door communicates with the cloud server over the internet, making real-time decisions about who gets access. Thus, when a person tries to enter a room or building using their mobile credentials, the request is sent to the cloud. The cloud server processes the request and instantly decides whether to grant access or not.

With Airfob Space we’ve gone a step further. The mobile credential on the user’s phone can communicate with the cloud as well. This means, when necessary, our Airfob Edge Readers can be installed with no wired network connection!

Advantages of cloud-based over on-premise access control.

The move to cloud-based systems over traditional on-premises solutions brings a host of benefits:

  • Scalability: Cloud-based systems can easily accommodate an expanding business, adding new users, doors, and even locations without extensive hardware modifications. With Airfob Space you just put another reader on the wall, connect it to power and the network, and it’s ready to go. No need for additional door controllers or “home run” wiring back to the server room.
  • Remote Management: You can control access remotely, allowing you to react promptly to unexpected situations, even if you’re not on site.
  • Cost Savings: Reduced hardware requirements and simpler installation processes can lower the overall cost. This is especially true as inflation has driven up the cost of commercial-grade workstations.
  • Real-Time Updates and Reports: Cloud-based solutions offer real-time data about who’s accessing your premises, providing you with instant insight and comprehensive reports.
  • Increased Security: The use of mobile credentials reduces the risk of lost or copied cards, and the system is always updated with the latest security protocols. Administrators can instantly revoke Airfob Space credentials remotely. Try that with an access card!

Integrating with Airfob Space.

Another significant advantage to Airfob Space is the ease of integration with other cloud-based services like building management, workplace experience, visitor management, and more. At MOCA we have taken an integration-friendly approach ensuring that anything customers can do in our own Airfob Pro web portal or Airfob Space app, integration partners can also achieve with our API and SDK.

Why choose Airfob Space?

As a cloud-based access control solution, Airfob Space offers all the benefits mentioned above and more. Its highly secure, intuitive, and user-friendly interface allows for ease of control, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. Airfob Space’s continuous development ensures it stays at the forefront of technology, offering an unrivaled, robust, and flexible solution for your security needs.

One example of how Airfob Space fully embraces its place in the cloud is how we handle emergency roll calls. Administrators can trigger a roll call anytime, anywhere, using the Airfob Pro app. Employees can mark themselves safe by touching their phones to a muster point. All the while fire marshals can check who has been marked safe in real time and logs from the emergency event are stored safely off-site in the cloud.

Embrace the future of access control systems with Airfob Space and ensure your business’s security is always one step ahead.

The concept of cloud-based access control is revolutionizing security measures across businesses, offering unprecedented flexibility, control, and efficiency. By choosing Airfob Space, you’re not only keeping pace with technological advancements but also ensuring optimal protection for your business.