Navigating access control: Cloud vs on-premise solutions.

In the world of access control, enterprises are often confronted with a multitude of choices. From traditional on-premise solutions to advanced cloud-based systems, the decision can be overwhelming. This post will delve into the key distinctions between Public Cloud (SaaS), Private Cloud, and Cloud-on-premise solutions, their respective benefits, and how to choose the best option for your organization. We’ll also discuss how Airfob Space stands out as a versatile solution for every type of user.

Understanding the basics: Public Cloud (SaaS), Private Cloud, and Cloud-on-prem.

Public Cloud (SaaS): SaaS, or Software as a Service, refers to a model in which software is hosted on the vendor’s servers and accessed via the internet. Users do not need to install or maintain the software on their local systems, making it a highly convenient and cost-effective solution. This is how most Airfob Space customers use our solution.

Private Cloud: Private Cloud refers to a model where cloud infrastructure is owned, managed, and operated exclusively by a single organization, often within the company’s own premises. It is typically employed by large organizations that require a high degree of control and security. This option is often requested by universities interested in putting Airfob Space on their existing cloud infrastructure.

Cloud-on-premise: This solution is a hybrid between traditional on-premise systems and cloud systems. In a Cloud-on-premise setting, cloud software is installed on local servers, combining the privacy of on-premise solutions with the flexibility of cloud services. We have designed Airfob Space to be platform agnostic so that with a little customization it can run on a local Windows, Linux, or MacOS server.

Key Differences: Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Cloud-on-prem.

 Public Cloud (SaaS)Private CloudCloud-on-premise
CostTypically lower costs due to shared resourcesHigher due to the exclusive usage of resourcesMedium, initial investment required for local servers
SecurityHigh, maintained by the providerHighest, controlled by the organizationHigh, dependent on local security measures
AccessibilityAnywhere with internet accessRestricted to designated networksLocally with some remote access
MaintenanceHandled by the providerHandled in-house or by hired professionalsMostly in-house, with some vendor support

The benefits of cloud security.

Cloud-based access control solutions offer a multitude of benefits. We recommend a purely cloud-based solution for more than 90% of Airfob Space customers.

  1. Scalability: As your organization grows, cloud systems can easily adapt, reducing the need for significant infrastructure changes.
  2. Cost-effectiveness: With lower upfront costs and reduced maintenance efforts, cloud solutions can be more affordable in the long run.
  3. Accessibility: Access your system anytime, anywhere, offering convenience and real-time control.
  4. Time to Launch: With software running on the cloud, no onsite servers, and reduced wiring requirements, systems can be up and running in no time.

Choosing the right solution for your company.

Selecting the ideal access control system depends on your organization’s size, budget, and specific security needs.

  • Public cloud solutions are excellent for small to mid-sized businesses looking for affordability and minimal maintenance. They also have significant advantages for multi-branch organizations that need to share access across sites.
  • Private Cloud systems suit larger organizations requiring high security and customizability.
  • Cloud-on-prem is ideal for entities that prefer local control without forsaking the advantages of cloud technology.

Why choose Airfob Space?

Airfob Space caters to all types of organizations, irrespective of their preferred access control model. It offers the convenience and scalability of cloud systems with the robust security found in on-premise solutions, providing users with an optimal blend of features. Whether you’re a small enterprise or a large university, Airfob Space can adapt to your needs, marking it as a leading choice in access control solutions.

Getting started with cloud access.

In the evolving landscape of access control, cloud-based solutions are carving out a significant space. By understanding the differences between public cloud (SaaS), private cloud, and cloud-on-premise systems, you can make an informed decision tailored to your organization’s needs. Remember, the perfect solution balances cost, security, accessibility, and customizability. With Airfob Space, this balance is not only achievable but also effortlessly so.

If you need help selecting the type of installation that’s right for you, please contact us or one of our certified partners.