Can cloud access control unlock new business opportunities?

In the world of access control, the potential for integration is nearly limitless. Traditional systems were mainly seen as a way to secure premises and control entry, but the introduction of cloud-based access control has opened up a new world of possibilities. Unlike the old systems, which were often viewed simply as cost centers for keeping doors locked, cloud-based access control marks a significant shift. It’s not just about limiting access; it’s about enabling new business opportunities.

Central to this transformation is the widespread use of smartphones as digital keys, which allow people to smoothly enter and engage with physical spaces. This change in perspective transforms access control from a barrier into a tool for enhancing convenience, efficiency, and innovation, paving the way for numerous integrations that unlock previously untapped potential.

Integration with Membership Systems.

Cloud access control systems often integrate with membership systems, particularly in co-working spaces, gyms, and clubs. This integration allows individuals to access specific areas like elevators, main entrances, meeting rooms, and amenities based on their membership level. It also provides access across multiple locations, ensuring members enjoy consistent privileges wherever they go.

Integration with Security Systems.

In residential or commercial settings, cloud access control systems frequently connect with security systems to manage access levels. This integration ensures synchronized control across different entry points such as parking gates, shared entrances, and communal spaces. Pairing access control with CCTV also boosts safety and surveillance capabilities.

Integration with Visitor/Guest Management.

Cloud access control systems can seamlessly integrate with room booking systems or visitor management platforms. In office spaces or hotels, credentials are automatically issued based on room availability and schedules. This process simplifies access to meeting rooms, hotel rooms, or other spaces, improving operational efficiency and guest experience.

Integration with Existing Hardware.

Cloud access control providers offer various options for hardware integration. Organizations can use proprietary hardware from the system vendor or compatible third-party access control hardware. RFID emulators also ensure compatibility with existing systems, facilitating a smooth transition and interoperability without extensive hardware replacement.


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