Most companies are starting to consider Mobile Access Control solutions to make their offices more secure, more flexible, and to keep up with technology trends. This is especially true for companies exploring hybrid work solutions, which may need to grant access to certain people only on certain days.

With so many options, what are the most critical elements to look for in a Mobile Access Control solution? Our experts and engineers have compiled a list of four must-haves in any mobile access solution, whether you are considering Airfob or another system.

1. Enterprise Grade Security

Many people assume that mobile credentials are less secure than physical RFID cards, but usually, the opposite is true. One big security advantage of mobile access is that people keep a closer eye on their $1000 smartphones than they do RFID badges.

Here are some essential things to look for to assess how secure a mobile access control solution actually is:

    • 256-bit encryption on a BLE or NFC connection. This level of encryption is still impossible to brute-force hack using today’s computers. Look specifically for an ISO 27001-certified system architecture, which means the security is end-to-end, not just on one part of the system.
    • Remote deactivation. Make sure your mobile credentials can be revoked at any time, from anywhere, using a cloud interface.
    • Multi-authentication. While not common in the industry yet, at MOCA we are working to incorporate biometric two-factor authentication (2FA) into our credentials. This adds another layer of security without requiring employees to touch shared surfaces like fingerprint readers or take off masks to use facial recognition.

2. An Enhanced Workplace Experience

Beyond enhanced security, many companie are looking to Mobile Access Control for its ability to integrate it into existing workplace apps and improve the overall workplace experience (WX).

Imagine allowing employees to book meeting rooms using their workplace apps and then open meeting room doors with their phones. This level of convenience can also extend to visitor management, allowing guests to register before they arrive, and automatically notify their hosts when they arrive.

Integrations like these are why MOCA has developed an extensive and well documented API, as well as native iOS and Android SDKs. We also make it easy to customize badges in our Airfob Pass app, so you can start using mobile credentials immediately without any development work.

3. Easy, Cloud-based Management

Managing RFID cards is time-consuming and expensive, especially when you scale up to hundreds or thousands of employees or members. When physical cards are lost or stolen, they generally have to be deactivated on-site and replaced.

Mobile access control systems move issuing and revoking credentials to the cloud. They can be set to expire within a certain time, and there is no need to return physical cards to HR (for employees) or a receptionist (for guests).

Look for a Mobile Access Control solution with a cloud interface that is powerful, easy to use, and secure. Ensure that it allows for true remote management, including opening doors from half-way around the world.

4. Affordably Scale with your Needs

You’ll want a company that can support you through the system’s entire lifecycle and beyond, so look for a provider with good financial health and a local partners to support you. (At MOCA we have local distributors, installers, and integration partners in 86 countries!)

Check to make sure that pricing options make sense for your company. Some manufacturers charge you for every mobile credential, as if it is a physical RFID card, even if it will only be used for a few hours. With MOCA’s Airfob Space solution, you pay based on the number of doors rather than users, allowing you to affordably issue cards to every employee, visitor, and vendor.

Selecting an access control system requires careful consideration of your specific needs and the solutions available. If you need some help sorting through your options, get in touch. We can even connect you to one of our partners in your area.