Airfob™ by MOCA

Unlock doors with your phone.
Unlock the true potential of your business.

The first 100% cloud-based mobile access control system. Eliminate expensive access cards, while creating better experiences for customers and employees.

Securing your doors shouldn't require a server rack, dedicated staff, and hundreds of expensive plastic cards. Airfob™ is 100% cloud-based mobile access control.

100% Cloud Based
No On-Premise
Servers Required
No Physical Cards
to Lose
Visitor Management
+ Time & Attendance
Affordably Scales
With Your Needs

Airfob Pass

Digital employee badges, visitor passes, and membership cards that open doors.

Airfob Space

Complete access management, conveniently in the cloud, built for multi-branch and
hybrid workplaces.

Airfob Edge Reader

Out of the box and connected to the Airfob Space cloud in minutes. Minimal wiring and no on-site servers needed.

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Airfob Patch

Instantly and affordably upgrade your existing access control readers for cloud-based mobile credentials.

Airfob Unlocks Possibilities for

Schools &
And more..

Airfob Upgrades Your Customer Experience and Workplace Experience

Unlock your secure, flexible workspace

Upgrading or installing Airfob is easy, no matter how big your space, thanks to our 100% cloud-based technology. Take the experience further by integrating Airfob into your workplace app, using our visitor management system, and our corporate digital ID solution.

Top grade security, no compromises

Airfob's PKI/AES encryption makes it impervious to hackers. If an employee's phone is lost or stolen there's no need to panic, simply revoke their credentials remotely. Airfob is the only mobile access control system with precise distance control, ensuring doors only open when employees are next to the door

Remote, cloud-based management

Airfob Pass eliminates tasks like issuing physical cards, replacing lost cards, and reactivating or reprogramming cards. Fully manage digital credentials and check logs in the cloud with Airfob Portal. You will save countless hours for your HR and IT departments.

Scales with your needs

Airfob’s unique ACU-free architecture makes it an affordable option for a small business securing a couple of doors. The same technology means it can scale as a company grows, supporting hundreds of doors, thousands of employees, and even multiple branches. No matter how big your company gets, you can still manage everything from our unified cloud-based Airfob Portal.

Dump the costly RF cards

Maintaining thousands of cards is a big investment in time and capital. Airfob Pass is much more affordable, especially when it comes to managing visitors, vendors, and customers. We can also bring all of your access control systems onto one platform, even if they are from different vendors.

Truly touchless access control

Creating a safe, hygenic workplace means reducing shared surfaces. Traditional card and fingerprint readers are the most touched surfaces in offices. Airfob is contactless, conveniently unlocking doors without any unnecessary touching.

Airfob Works with Microsoft Teams

Issue guest passes, book secure meeting rooms and check employee logs directly on the world's most popular productivity and collaboration suite, Microsoft teams.

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