Now a mature technology, mobile credentials are safer, cheaper, and more flexible

RFID cards are nearly ubiquitous in offices and nearly 90% of security doors in the places we work and live use them. Given their simplicity, it’s no wonder why.

But now, about 30 years since they first became popular, they are starting to show their age. In some countries, including the US and the UK, a majority of companies still use unencrypted 125 KHz cards and readers. As they look to upgrade, many are skipping 13.56 MHz cards and going straight to mobile access control for its security, flexibility, and cost savings.

Mobile Access Control solutions like MOCA’s Airfob move the access credential from a standalone card onto your mobile phone, replacing RFID cards and employee badges. To use them, you simply swipe your phone across a reader, just like you would with a card. Sometimes this is called smartphone door access, but the technology can do much more than just open doors.

We have prepared several resources to help you understand what Mobile Access Control is, how it works, why it is important, and how it will transform our lives at work and in other places too.

Six reasons to switch

If you’ve been considering upgrading to Mobile Access Control, you are probably curious about the benefits of your existing RFID cards. Our Mobile Access Control Cheat Sheet explains the essential benefits of this transformative new technology in simple terms.

Enhanced Security

RF cards can be lost, stolen, or even cloned by hackers, without the owner noticing. This presents a major security risk. Mobile credentials can be deactivated remotely, in the cloud, if the owner’s phone is lost or stolen. Companies can also require phones to be unlocked to use mobile credentials, adding an additional layer of security.

Easy to Manage

Managing physical entry cards takes hours for HR, IT, and administrative staff. Mobile credentials like Airfob Pass eliminate tasks like issuing physical cards, replacing lost cards, and reactivating or reprogramming cards. Now credentials can be fully managed in the cloud. Visitors can pre-register and receive temporary credentials before arriving for a meeting. This not only saves time, but it also means that their personal information is not stored on vulnerable paper records.

Cost Effective

Maintaining thousands of cards is a big investment for any company. Digital credentials can be much more affordable, especially when it comes to managing visitors, vendors, and non-office applications.

Future Proof

Mobile access credentials can integrate with a digital ID, Workplace Experience (WX) solutions, and visitor management solutions. Employers, co-working spaces, and apartment complexes can integrate Mobile access into their own apps. Make sure to look for a solution with an easy-to-integrate API or SDK.

Fast & Contact Free

Mobile credentials are just as fast and convenient to use as RF entry cards. They are also contact-free – users do not have to touch any shared surfaces. Airfob’s unique long-press feature lets you open office or garage doors from up to five meters away.

Wow Factor

Guests, employees, visitors, and residents are impressed when they see Mobile Access Control systems. Presenting this cutting-edge image can give businesses an edge in hiring or winning clients. Apartments have an edge in finding tenants, and businesses have an edge in retaining customers.