Co-working spaces operate differently than normal offices housing a single company, and this presents challenges for access control. Balancing security with convenient access for hundreds or thousands of members is no easy task. Airfob Space is a cloud-based access control solution that delivers convenience, scalability, and robust security features suited for the complexities of co-working spaces.

Understanding the Challenges

Co-working spaces house a complex ecosystem of personnel, including diverse members operating around the clock and staff that maintain the smooth running of these spaces. This unique structure demands a delicate balance between stringent security measures and a fluid access system that doesn’t make members feel restricted.

Harnessing Cloud-Based Access Control

Airfob Space is designed to address these challenges. Leveraging cloud technology, Airfob Space redefines access control management in co-working spaces.

1. Managing Multiple Branches with Ease

Airfob Space allows co-working spaces to scale effortlessly, accommodating unlimited users and readers. Admins can grant or revoke access from anywhere, at any time, using Airfob Pro. This feature is especially convenient for co-working spaces with multiple branches.

2. Universal Access for Members

Airfob Space stores access roles in the cloud, simplifying access management across multiple properties. Members can work from any location without restrictions, enhancing user satisfaction.

3. Streamlining Room and Desk Bookings

Airfob Space integrates seamlessly with cloud-connected software or apps via Airfob Engine API and SDK. Members can book spaces or meeting rooms with a few taps, enhancing user experience and efficiency.

4. Reducing Waste with Mobile Access

Airfob Space prioritizes mobile access, eliminating the need for physical keys and cards that can be lost, stolen, or worn out. This significantly reduces waste and security-related costs, as well as hardware and software expenses.

5. Providing Friction-Free Access

Airfob Space allows admins to pre-authorize or provide temporary mobile keys to visitors, ensuring smooth access while eliminating the worry about unreturned key cards.

Success Stories: Co-working Operators Embrace Airfob Space

Airfob Space is a practical, tried-and-tested tool that is already proving its worth in real-world settings. Four major co-working operators in Korea have already integrated Airfob Space into their access control systems, experiencing tangible benefits and enhancements in their operations.

Our largest co-working client, FASTFIVE, stands as a testament to the power of Airfob Space. Operating in 55 locations in and around Seoul, FASTFIVE faced significant challenges in managing access control across its widespread network.

Enter Airfob Space. With its cloud-based structure and mobile credential technology, FASTFIVE managed to consolidate its back-office operations, saving not only financial resources but also freeing its staff from the burdensome tasks of issuing and revoking cards. The front desk staff is now able to focus on other critical tasks, contributing to a smoother operational workflow.

Airfob Space’s capabilities have been put through the ultimate stress test at FASTFIVE, seamlessly managing more than 30,000 users and 1,200 doors. The success of this collaboration is a clear demonstration of Airfob Space’s ability to deliver robust, scalable, and cost-effective access control solutions for co-working spaces of any size.


Airfob Space is a complete ecosystem that streamlines operations, enhances security, and optimizes resource utilization in co-working spaces. Its cloud-based infrastructure, mobile access features, and simplified management are setting the gold standard for access control in the co-working industry.