Cloud Access Control for Modern Workplaces

Airfob Space is a 100% cloud-based mobile access control solution that gives you a more flexible, secure, and efficient way to manage access to your offices.

The way we use offices is changing rapidly, especially as companies are adapting to new expectations from employees for more flexible work arrangements. Their efforts aren’t just for show: Studies have demonstrated that focusing on workplace experience (WX) improves performance and profits.

Most offices and office technology like access control systems are built for an old way of working. We would like to introduce you to Airfob Space, the first truly cloud-based access control solution, built with the modern workplace, hybrid work, and WX in mind. The future of access control.

Secure your office and data
  • The equipment hackers use to close key cards is easy to purchse online, presenting an enormous security risk to companies. Key cards are also easy to steal, or simply pick up off the ground when dropped.
  • Airfob Space helps you reduce or eliminate the use of physical key cards by providing convenient, affordable, and secure mobile credentials.
  • Mobile credentials can also be issued and revoked remotely (and automatically). Visitors and vendors can receive mobile cards that only open specific doors at specified times.
Delight employees, visitors, and vendors with friction-free access
  • Providing mobile keys allows employees and visitors access to the building more efficiently. Within a few taps, admins can pre-authorize or give out temporary access cards to visitors without worrying about them not returning the key card later.
Connect Airfob Space access control to workplace apps
  • Airfob provides Airfob Engine API and SDK so Airfob Space access control can be integrated with your cloud-connected software or apps to enhance user experience.
  • Connect Airfob Space to your solutions for AIM, SSO, Visitor Management, Workplace eXperience, Business Analytics and more using our API and SDK.
Manage multiple branches from anywhere, using Airfob Pro
  • Traditional hardware access systems are built for an old way of working, limiting the number of users or readers that can be supported on-site. With Airfob Space, companies can have unlimited users and readers, allowing them to easily scale to meet their business needs.
  • This is especially convenient for companies with multiple branches as they can manage multiple branches from anywhere, using Airfob Pro. Airfob Space provides an easily manageable access solution for modern companies, allowing admins to grant or revoke access from anywhere and at any time.
Give employees access to all your branches
  • Make employees happy by giving them access to office space closer to home and save money by reducing office space. Typical access control solutions have on-premises servers. This makes it difficult to share access roles across branches. With Airfob Space access roles are stored in the cloud, making it a breeze to manage your employees and guests across multiple properties.
One key for all, a delightful user experience
  • Keeping track of multiple keys and cards can be confusing, especially for people who have access to multiple sites or who manage multiple sites. They also have to fumble around to find the card in their bags which often delays their entrance.
Eliminate (or reduce) expensive, non-recyclable access cards
  • Physical keys and key cards can be lost, stolen, or worn out, so replacing them is time-consuming and costly. Mobile access can save organizations money by reducing the need for physical keys, key cards, and their replacements as well as other security-related costs. Even hardware and software costs can be reduced by introducing a reasonable monthly fee for the cloud server. You only pay for what you use. Reducing unnecessary expenses is essential to business and Airfob Space offers just that!

PS: According to our calculations, annual waste from discarded access cards adds up to the equivalent weight of 900 family sedans. Airfob is the access control solution that helps you reach your ESG goals!

Reduce the time HR and facilities staff spend dealing with physical cards
  • Whenever an employee loses a key card, HR is required to undertake a comprehensive procedure to issue a replacement card. This involves requesting a photograph, entering all pertinent data, producing the new card, and ensuring that the employee receives the new card in a timely manner.
  • Airfob Space allows you to reissue mobile credentials in as few as two clicks.

Employees are demanding changes in the workplace after the pandemic and companies are seeing the benefits of remote and hybrid work. Current technology is often a limiting factor that Airfob Space can help you overcome.

If your employees are increasingly seeking out cloud-based productivity tools like ChatGPT, shouldn’t your company seek out the latest tools to help you manage your spaces more effectively? Flexible, collaborative work environments require efficient access to the buildings. They’re also at the heart of the modern office experience. To manage the complexity of multiple office locations, Airfob Space provides an access control solution to manage the workplaces and track the accessibility to the workplace.

The way we work is changing, and Airfob Space is here to help you overcome the challenges that come with that change. Our 100% cloud-based mobile access control solution offers greater convenience, security, and flexibility to manage access to your offices. If you’re looking for the latest tools to help you manage your space more effectively, look no further than Airfob Space.

Upgrade to the future of access control for modern workplaces

Airfob opens doors for more than 11,000 spaces. Is yours next?

Upgrade to the future of access control

Airfob opens doors for more than 11,000 spaces. Is yours next?