Airfob Admin App - The Power of Airfob Portal on Your Phone

Erik Cornelius
February 16, 2022
Door Status Screen on Airfob Admin App for iOS and Android

If you're already using Airfob mobile credentials, you'll know how powerful the Airfob Portal is. It allows you securely log-in from anywhere to issue and manage mobile cards, administer access levels, and even open doors remotely.

But until now, anywhere has actually meant "anywhere with a laptop". There hasn't been a way to administer doors and readers on your mobile phone.

This is why we are launching our new Airfob Admin app for Android and iOS.

The Airfob Admin app allows security, IT, and facility management teams to lock, unlock, and open doors remotely using their phones. This has been one of the most requested features, so we are sure it will get plenty of use.

It also allows access control and IT technicians to find an diagnose trouble areas by checking to see if readers are connected, and to check status messages.

As you've probably guessed, we will introduce additional features in the future and announce them here.

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