Airfob Hardware

MOCA’s full range of Airfob hardware solutions are specially designed to work with our Airfob Space cloud-based access control solution. Our mobile and RFID readers serve the access control needs of companies large and small.

At A Glance

The Perfect Hardware for Mobile Access Control

World's easiest installation

Connect our readers to the power and the network. Register them with the Airfob Pro app, and you’re ready to go! No homerun wiring needed.

No door controllers needed

We’ve eliminated the need for door controllers. Our readers act as controllers as well, verifying credentials and commanding doors to open. This not only simplifies installation but also reduces up-front costs for customers and eliminates limits on scalability.

Control wireless door locks

Airfob Space allows you to manage wired access readers and battery-powered door locks from the same dashboard and with a single database.

Say goodbye to patch tuesdays

Like many cloud-based solutions, we’ve completely done away with any need for on-site servers. There’s no software for your customers to maintain, and they always get the latest version, automatically.

Made in Korea

All of our readers are made in a state of the art factory in Korea. Yes, it costs a bit more, but the result is a device that works straight out the box and is proven to last for years.

Airfob Space Hardware

Airfob Edge Reader

High-quality yet affordable mobile access edge reader with customizable faceplates.

Airfob Edge Reader Ultimate

Compact outdoor reader with water resistance and PoE and customizable faceplates.

Airfob Patch

Upgrade existing 13.56 MHz access control readers for cloud-based mobile credentials

Airfob Tag

Upgrade existing Mifare-compatible digital locks for cloud-based mobile credentials.

Suprema X-Station 2

Intelligent terminal with native Airfob Space support, including Time & Attendance functions.

Door Locks

Manage wired access readers & battery-powered door locks from one dashboard & database with Airfob Space.

Enhancing your access control system

Additional Hardware

Elevator Control (OM-120)

Control up to 192 floors per elevator

Secure Module (SI02)

Secure access control for doors outside the secure perimeter of the building 

Our Reader, Your Brand

Make an Impression at the Front Door

Want to show off your brand to employees, guests, and members as soon as they arrive? Ask about our customized faceplaces for the Airfob Edge Reader series. 

Upgrade to the future of access control

Airfob opens doors for more than 11,000 spaces. Is yours next?

Upgrade to the future of access control

Airfob opens doors for more than 11,000 spaces. Is yours next?